Kailyn Lowry Ended Marriage By Cheating On Javi Marroquin While He Was Deployed?

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been making headlines all year. Their marriage had been on the rocks for quite some time, but their problems were amplified when he was deployed at the beginning of the year. Teen Mom 2 has given viewers quite the look at how things work between the couple. The editing has portrayed him as the overbearing and jealous type while she is the mom who takes care of the kids and doesn’t get as much time with her friends as she would like. While some of this may be true, their relationship was much more complicated than either talked about.

Just a few weeks before Christmas last year, Kailyn Lowry suffered a miscarriage. It took a toll on her marriage in a big way. Javi Marroquin admitted that initially, he blamed his wife for the loss of their child. With things left the way they were when he deployed, it wasn’t shocking when the couple announced they would be getting a divorce. According to In Touch Weekly, Javi Marroquin alleges that Kailyn Lowry cheated on him. There has been forgiveness on his side, but the two are no longer attempting to repair their marriage.


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There have been plenty of rumors regarding infidelity between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin. She was rumored to have messed around with her friend, Becky Hayter. That was denied over and over again by Lowry, although some fans aren’t buying it. Marroquin has been saying cryptic things across social media but has not elaborated on what his soon-to-be ex-wife actually did. A lot has been going on since he returned from his deployment, and he recently went back to work. While their marriage is definitely over, there is some hope that the two can work together to raise Lincoln in a loving environment.

Teen Mom 2 is currently filming for the next season. Kailyn Lowry has definitely signed on, and it looks like Javi Marroquin will also stick around for at least one more season. Their divorce will likely be heavily focused on, especially if there is a custody battle over Lincoln. Marroquin had talked about wanting to continue being in Isaac’s life, but that will depend on whether or not Jo Rivera will allow that. Fans are disappointed things are ending between the couple. He was such a positive presence for the boys, but his fighting with Lowry was a bit much. Marroquin wanted her to have no social life, and when she did make plans with friends, he made sure to interfere as much as possible.

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With all of the plastic surgery Kailyn Lowry has had done, there is some concern about how she has been acting. Javi Marroquin has hinted that she cheated on him while he was deployed in Qatar. It is unclear if it is true, but with the other stories that have come out, there is a possibility that something happened. When the Teen Mom 2 reunion happened, Marroquin appeared to have wanted to work things out with his wife. Since then, the two have yet to reconcile. After returning home, Lowry and Marroquin began living in separate homes.

At this point, Kailyn Lowry has not said much about the split from Javi Marroquin. She seemed to be happy about it when Dr. Drew discussed it with her despite her husband saying he wanted to try and work things out. She got a taste of the single life while he was deployed, and it seems that was enough to make her want more. The true story will eventually come out, and while Kailyn Lowry denies cheating, Marroquin has hinted several times that is exactly what happened, and he has forgiven her.

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