South Carolina Clown Attempting To Lure Kids Into Woods, Greenville County Residents Warned

Residents of Greenville County, South Carolina, are concerned for the safety of their children after they received a note saying a person dressed as a clown was attempting to lure kids into the woods.

According to Fox 8, the residents of Fleetwood Manor Apartments, located on Fleetwood Drive in Greenville County, received a letter on Wednesday, August 24 from the apartment complex’s management stating they had received several complaints of a clown trying to “lure children into the woods.”

Below is the complete letter, typed on the Fleetwood Manor Apartments letterhead, that was sent to the residents of Fleetwood Manor Apartments.

“There has [sic] been several conversation [sic] and a lot of complaints to the office regarding a clown or a person dressed in clown clothing taking children or trying to lure children in the woods. First and foremost at Fleetwood Manor Apartments childrens [sic] safety is a top priority. At no time should a child be alone at night, or walking in the roads or wooded areas at night. Also if a person or persons are seen you are to immediately call the police. Greenville County Police Department is aware of the situation and have been riding [sic] the property daily. Remember there is a 10pm curfew for the property so to ensure your childrens [sic] safety please keep them in the house during night hours and make sure at ALL times children are supervised. Anymore information that becomes regarding this issue will be sent out to all residents.”

Donna Arnold was one of the Fleetwood Manor residents who received a letter regarding the clown sightings. She said her son and some other people had told her they had seen a clown lurking around behind the apartment complex, but she just thought they were seeing things. However, after receiving the letter, she contacted the local police.

“I thought my child was seeing things, and then the next day I had about 30 kids come up to me and say ‘did you see the clown in the woods?’” she told WNCN. “They finally sent people out here to check, they found some evidence.”


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Bruce Wilson, a community activist, said he is getting involved to make sure the children are safe. While the clown sightings may be harmless, he wants to be sure the kids are taken care of and isn’t taking any chances with their safety.

“That’s why am over here, to make sure law enforcement is doing something because we’ve have about 2-300 children out here and I want to make sure that law enforcement is doing the right thing,” he said.

“Just be extremely careful,” resident Teresa Robinson added. “You have to dot all ‘I’s, cross all ‘T’s at all times in a situation like this, and be aware and be alert at all times.”

In addition to Wilson’s efforts, the Greenville County Police Department has been conducting daily patrols of the area. The property manager said they would provide any further information regarding the clown sightings as it becomes available.

What do you think about the South Carolina clown trying to lure kids into the woods? Do you think it’s a harmless prank or something more serious? Leave your comments below.

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