‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2, Episode 9: What Happened To Ofelia?

Episode 9 of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead ended with the fate of several characters apparently doomed. However, the mystery of what happened to Ofelia has gotten fans wondering. So, what has happened to her?

Spoiler alert: This article discusses Season 2, Episode 9 (entitled “Los Muertos”) of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.

The end of Episode 9 (entitled “Los Muertos”) of Fear the Walking Dead saw Strand (Colman Domingo), Madison (Kim Dickens) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) trapped on all sides by the infected. Nick (Frank Dillane), on the other hand, was settling in to life in Tijuana. However, Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) seemed to just disappear into thin air.

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Ofelia spent most of Episode 9 of Fear the Walking Dead suffering miserably. Her emotional state and just how fragile it is since the loss of her parents was apparent. When she spoke of nearly marrying someone but giving up love for her family’s well-being, it was apparent just how important family is to her. Then, Ofelia and Alicia spoke of surviving the apocalypse and it was easy to see just how despondent and close to the edge she really was. When Alicia came out of the shower (after Ofelia had told her there was still hot water left) and Ofelia was missing, some fans assumed she might have jumped over the balcony just like the infected were at the smell of Strand and Madison down stairs in the bar. Could Ofelia be lying down there on the ground, unnoticed by the others because they are threatened by so many infected at the moment?

So, was it Ofelia’s plan to offer Alicia the hot water first so she could escape–or possibly jump? According to an interview Mercedes Mason did recently with Bleeding Cool, Ofelia really is struggling at the moment.

“There is just nothing more you can do to her. When you’re at the very bottom, the only place to go is up, and the only way to rise is to do just that – rise. I think she’s been pushed down pretty much her whole life. Even though she loves her parents, I think it’s been important to live for them as opposed to live for herself.”

It seems an upcoming episode could also deal with a flashback to Ofelia’s earlier life, so it seems Ofelia is just currently missing in action rather than dead in Fear the Walking Dead. However, Mason suggested there were plenty of hard times for Ofelia in the second half of Season 2.

“Is she going to let all of this break her? Because ultimately, at the end, she has the capability of surviving. It’s just, does she want to?” she told Bleeding Cool.

So, if Ofelia didn’t jump, what happened to her? After all, she doesn’t appear in the teaser video for Episode 10 of Fear the Walking Dead.

When the group entered the hotel at the beginning of Episode 9 of Fear the Walking Dead, Ofelia was last in line and left the door slightly ajar. By the end of the episode, the door was clearly wide open and that is how the infected entered to get to Madison and Strand. Did Mercedes sneak out that way? After all, Madison and Strand were fairly drunk until the infected sobered them up, so it wouldn’t have been too hard to sneak past them.

Ofelia left the door open in Episode 9, Season 2 of AMC’s ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ [Image via AMC]
If this is the case, where has Ofelia gone? Perhaps, she has headed out by herself, trying to “find herself” just like Nick? Only by tuning into further episodes of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead will reveal all.

What do you think happened to Ofelia in Episode 9 of Fear the Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts and theories by commenting below.

Season 2 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday, September 4, with Episode 10 (entitled “Do Not Disturb”) at 9 p.m. ET.

The official synopsis for Episode 10 of Fear the Walking Dead is below.

“Travis struggles to connect with Chris while searching for shelter. Meanwhile, Alicia meets a lonely woman with a bloody past.”

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