Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna Feuding Ahead Of ‘KUWTK Baby Birth: Not Getting Married?

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have postponed their wedding again, a source has revealed, blaming the couple’s bickering and arguing over their supposed decision.

Rob and Chyna found themselves butting heads quite often as of late, as previously reported. It was just three weeks ago when it was alleged that the twosome were on the verge of splitting over a series of text messages that the TV star found on his fiance’s phone — supposedly from Tyga.

The claims seemed sketchy to fans since a source mentioned how cameras for their reality show were shooting at the time of the incident, giving the impression that it was another one of the couple’s staged and scripted scenes for their forthcoming reality show, Rob and Chyna.

But according to Radar Online, the feuds and arguments aren’t fake after all. They are as real as they can get. Rob Kardashian and Blac have now decided to postpone the wedding, stressing that if plans to get married fall into place for them in the future, they’ll do it, but not under rushed circumstances.

The bickering, the news of Chyna’s pregnancy, and with Rob still battling his weight gain and depression, the former stripper and her socialite fiance both agreed that they’ll continue to remain committed to one another without holding a marriage license to their relationship status.

“Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s new show premieres on September 11, but behind the scenes, there’s been a plot twist that no one saw coming: The wedding’s on hold!” a source tells the news outlet.

“The wedding does not have a date set yet because they are just taking each thing as it comes. So yes, it is safe to say that they have decided to postpone their wedding until after the baby is born.”

Sources reveal that Blac Chyna is just weeks away from giving birth to Rob’s first child, and the timing couldn’t be worse now that it has been claimed that Kardashian is slowly but surely facing the biggest meltdown of his life.

A source reveals how Rob has taken on so much responsibility for himself this year that he’s beginning to crack, as indicated by IBTimes. He was in hiding for almost three years following his breakup with Rita Ora, to all of a sudden jump into a relationship with Blac Chyna and become so public and can be a lot for him to handle.

He swore that he would dedicate himself to a fitness program to get in shape by the summer, ahead of plans to relaunch his Arthur George sock line. On top of that, he proposed to Blac and announced that the twosome are having a baby. And if that still isn’t enough, Rob is now gearing up to star in his own reality show, premiering next month.

Most of the things Rob has tried to achieve this year, such as his weight loss and his sock business, have already failed. The wedding has now been postponed; the weight he’s lost is now coming back, and if the reality show doesn’t meet certain numbers, it’ll be facing the chop, too.

Fans have wondered how Rob Kardashian can take on the responsibility of a child when he can’t even get his own life together. Are you eager to know how Rob will handle his responsibilities as a father once the baby arrives later this year?

[Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]