Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian Reality Show Exposed For Scripted, Fake ‘KUWTK’ Drama [VIDEO]

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s forthcoming reality show is being hit with claims that it’s all scripted following a video that has surfaced on Twitter, where Chyna is heard discussing plans to rewrite the final episode of the series.

In what appears to be a chat with producers of the show, the mother of one can be heard in the background agreeing with the idea of having the finale rewritten, presumably because the initial version has proven itself not to fit the episodes that have already been filmed.

“Like, acknowledge the negatives and then focus on the positives, and then focus on the real. And then think that — have them rewrite a potential finale,” a woman is heard telling the former stripper, making it evidently clear that the forthcoming show is not as real as it claims to be.

But the news of Blac and Rob scripting their reality show shouldn’t come as a shock to fans. Reports via Radar Online didn’t hesitate to mention that the forthcoming episodes to air on the E! network are scripted from beginning to end because producers weren’t impressed with the duo’s performance when cameras were rolling.

Earlier this month, a source claimed that Chyna and Rob had a huge fight that resulted in Kardashian threatening to walk out on his heavily pregnant fiancée, but an insider close to the situation revealed that the fight was scripted for the sake of an entertaining episode on their upcoming reality show.

The couple is believed to have been working closely with producers, who have given Blac and Rob enough material to form quite an exciting show. This includes the USC graduate’s sudden decision in wanting to move out of his newly-purchased home in Calabasas. According to reports, Blac didn’t agree with the idea of moving out and a huge argument erupted, but, as previously mentioned, it’s all part of the script the couple is strictly following.

Over the summer, it was revealed that if the reality show performs well in multiple markets, the E! network will negotiate a deal that will see Rob and Blac Chyna return for a second series, with the possible chance of earning themselves millions of dollars to televise their wedding once an official date has been set.

The duo were supposed to tie the knot in July, but the untimely pregnancy reportedly had Blac change her mind. Kardashian and his fiancée are now said to have moved plans to early next year — and that’s only if Blac doesn’t find herself pregnant before then, having admitted that the couple want plenty of children in the near future.

News of Blac Chyna’s scripted reality show comes just days after Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians saw Kourtney fuming over the socialite’s emoji app, which sees Blac slapping a girl with rather plump lips, alluding that the person being hit was Kylie Jenner.

Chyna firmly denied Kourtney’s allegations, and after learning that the girl being slapped wasn’t the 19-year-old after all, the mother of three was quick to apologize for her reckless actions in coming to conclusions so fast.

What do you think of the video that has surfaced on Twitter? Do you think the show is scripted? And better yet, will you be watching Rob & Chyna once it premieres on the E! network next month?

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