Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna Fake Reality Show: Scripting Scenes Ahead Of ‘KUWTK’ Wedding, Baby Birth

As Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna film their forthcoming reality show, sources reveal that the couple have been struggling to film scenes worthy enough for viewers to tune in, which has resulted in the duo scripting scenes for entertainment purposes.

Radar Online seems to insinuate that the footage producers have been handed so far isn’t anywhere near the drama that Rob’s sisters bring to the table when shooting Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It should be noted that the 29-year-old’s reality show is produced by the same people who develop KUWTK.

With that in mind, everybody who is responsible for Rob and Chyna’s show seemed to have thought that the couple would make a good fit for reality TV considering the fact that Blac was constantly linked to feuds with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

But insiders reveal that Chyna and Rob are far from the people they portray themselves to be on social media, which has now led the production team to script scenes that could hopefully give them something to edit in a way where viewers will actually continue tuning in once the show airs later this year.

An insider reveals that Rob Kardashian and his fiancée were seen hunting for a new house out in Calabasas, which seems rather strange since momager Kris Jenner bought her son a $2.3 million house in the area just a couple of months ago.

According to reports, Rob and Blac are only looking for houses not because they want to live in a new home, but more so because they need additional footage for their TV show. “They were just filming the scenes for the show,” the insider states. “They’re not going anywhere.”

When E! made the decision to sign the couple on for a reality show, they were expecting drama and lots of it. But from what insiders have reported as of late, the crew have yet to film something that is remotely exciting to watch, which could potentially put the reality show in turmoil as far as ratings are concerned.

Kris Jenner managed to get her son and his soon-to-be wife a very impressive deal to document their everyday lives with the network — some reports allege that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna signed a million-dollar deal to partake in the show.

It should also be noted that the reality show will not be showcasing the couple’s wedding, it will only be following Chyna’s life as she gears up to give birth to Rob’s first child. If anything happens in between those moments, then the camera crew will be there to capture it, but as of yet, the duo have yet to do something interesting enough to show producers the show has some kind of potential.

The reason why Rob Kardashian is not showing his wedding on this reality show is because the USC graduate wants to land another spinoff for a three-part docu-series similar to the one his sister Kim had when she married Kris Humphries, reportedly making $10 million with E!.

Sources close to Rob say he wants a multi-million dollar deal before he invites cameras into his home and to his wedding, but if he’s already struggling to film scenes for his current reality show, E! will most likely pass on the idea.

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