WWE News: WWE Superstar Charlotte Yelled At By Management Following ‘WWE SummerSlam’ Match With Sasha Banks

At WWE SummerSlam, we were treated to a fantastic WWE Women’s Championship match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Both women literally laid it all out that night and it was quite special to see. Some fans were upset that Banks lost, but this was done mainly due to Sasha being hurt. Charlotte made sure to go after the injured back, which would allow for Banks to leave with a legitimate back injury and come back to see revenge on the woman who took her out of action.

It was assumed that Banks would be out for a while, but she got very good news recently that she will not require surgery. That puts her return time somewhere around WWE Clash of Champions, which is surely an interesting time to make a return, if not the following night on WWE RAW. Banks was taken out of action by Charlotte, so a possible Women’s Title rematch in October would be in the cards for sure.

While Charlotte did do as planned in the SummerSlam bout with Sasha, there was a couple spots that felt a bit over the line. The first happened at the beginning of the match when Charlotte dropped Banks back first on to the top rope, which Banks grazed and but fell neck first to the ground. Banks was fine after, but the two women wanted to do this move to begin the bank attack for the match that would help Charlotte steal the victory.

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Many fans felt the two girls did go a bit further than they should have, especially Charlotte. It seems management thought the same. PWMania reports that Charlotte was yelled at after the match for being careless with Sasha, as she and everyone else knew Banks was injured going into the match. While the back was the primary focus in the match for that very reason, officials were right to be mad due to the fact that Charlotte did some moves that could be considered “stiff” in the world of pro-wrestling.

Stiff means really done, or done in a hard manner. Many wrestlers like to work in this style, especially with good friends. Sometimes working stiff can add to the match and make things seem more brutal. Of course these wrestlers know how to take moves and most of the time even working stiff, they can still avoid getting hurt. However, there are times that things go well beyond where they need to be.

That very well could have been the case here with Charlotte and Sasha. Charlotte is normally a very good technical worker who is very safe in the ring. However, Sasha is known for doing a high risk type of style and may very well have been the one who called for the spot on the rope.

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Of course a miss for Charlotte meant that Banks was going down in a bad way. The announcers seemed to know where the ladies were going with the move, as they claimed Sasha may have hurt her back on the move. They do of course have an idea of what will go down during the match they are calling.

While they did refer to the neck a bit, the focus was on the back, but this move clearly was landed on the shoulders and neck more than anywhere else. The rest of the match did of course focus on the lower back of Sasha Banks, as that was her legit injury. Thankfully, Banks was not hurt any more than she already was going in. Of course Charlotte and Banks worked a bit stiffer on the other as they are really friends and felt the style worked better for the match. However, it can be said they did go too far in it than they truly needed to, which is clearly the side WWE management has taken on it.

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