Nykea Aldridge Shooting: Two Brothers Charged For Fatal Shooting Of Chicago Bull’s Star Dwyane Wade’s Cousin

On Sunday morning the Chicago police announced that two brothers had been arrested and charged in the shooting death of 32-year-old Nykea Aldridge, who is the cousin of Chicago Bull star, Dwyane Wade.

Nykea Aldridge was fatally shot on Friday afternoon while pushing a baby stroller Chicago’s South Side on South Calumet at about 3:30 p.m. on Friday when shots were fired around her, striking her in the head and also in the arm. The investigation revealed that Aldridge was not the intended target of the shooting but suffered the fatal wounds during an exchange of gunfire between two men. The mother of four had been on her way to register her other children for the new school term when she was injured. Fortunately, the baby in the stroller did not sustain any injuries during the shooting.

Aldridge was later pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital. A tweet from her NBA star cousin Dwyane Wade came shortly after, honoring and paying his respects to the family member he had so suddenly lost. He also linked her shooting death to a wave of violence that has been sweeping the Chicago’s South Side.

The Chicago Tribune wrote that according to Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, the two men who have been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of Nykea Aldridge are 26-year-old Darwin Sorells, and his younger brother, Derren Sorells, 22. The fact that the men had been arrested for the crime was first made known to the public through a tweet sent out by Guglielmi stating that, “Overnight, CPD charged the Sorrells brothers for the murder of Nykea Aldridge.”

Guglielmi also went on to say in a Twitter post that the younger brother, Derren Sorells is actually a “documented member” of a gang known as the Gangster Disciples. Derren was actually on parole at the time of the shooting though the Chicago police did not advise of what exactly the charges against him then had been. The older brother, Darwin Sorells was also out on parole on a felony gun charge from 2013. Records indicate that the man had been sentenced to six years for his crime but was released early in 2013.

The release from the Chicago police stated that for his part in the shooting death of Nykea Aldridge, Derren Sorells has been charged with one count of first-degree murder as well as one count of attempted murder, both of which are felonies. Darwin Sorells, on the other hand, was charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder. On top of the two felony charges, he also faces a misdemeanor count of criminal trespass to land.

One of the working theories regarding the shooting death of Wade’s cousin is that the bullet which hit Aldridge in the head and killed her may have been fired during a robbery attempt, which involved a driver from the popular ride-sharing app, Uber.

The only public comment Dwyane Wade has made regarding the tragic slaying of his cousin has been by way of Twitter, CLTV wrote that he sent out a series of tweets on Saturday about the senseless shooting, beginning with a simple “RIP Nykea Aldridge… #EnoughIsEnough.” He also pleaded for peace in the city of Chicago, which has seen over 2,700 shootings since the beginning of the year, with this being “another act of senseless gun violence” where “4 kids lost their mom for NO REASON. Unreal. #EnoughisEnough.”

Meanwhile, Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been courting controversy by using the death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin to claim popularity among African-American voters.

“Dwayne Wade’s cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago. Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!”

Nykea Aldridge’s family intends to hold a special prayer vigil in her honor at Jolinda Wade’s New Creation Church in the West Pullman neighborhood of Chicago on Sunday at 12:30 p.m.

The family has also established a trust fund to aid the four children that Aldridge was forced to leave behind. Any contributions can be made payable to Nykea Aldridge Children’s Fund and can be mailed to Seaway National Bank, 645 E. 87th Street, Chicago IL 60619 – Attention: Daryl Newell, Chief Retail Officer.

The police intend to hold a press conference sometime today in regards to the shooting.

[Image via Facebook/Chicago Police Department]