Enzo Amore Is Reason ‘WWE Deserves To Fail,’ Wrestling Legend Says

Enzo Amore is widely considered one of the best talkers in the WWE.

Whenever the music hits and the cruiserweight brawler from Boston comes out alongside his best friend Big Cass, the audience tends to go wild.

It has gotten to the point where WWE Creative is trusting him more and more to handle his own promos and to ad-lib on the fly, and that isn’t something that the company is entirely keen on for other performers.

That said, there have been some questionable decisions involving Enzo Amore as of late, and one wrestling legend has about had it.

Mister Saint-Laurent, or MSL as he is more commonly known in wrestling journalism circles, is a wrestler, booker and podcast superstar, who routinely churns out episodes with Kevin Sullivan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and other greats of the squared circle.

This week he took aim at the way the company has booked Enzo Amore up to and including last Sunday’s SummerSlam show, and he was not happy.

Discussing the matter with co-host Alex Greenfield on the latest edition of the MLW Podcast, MSL talked about his experience booking shows over the years and said that with close to 1,000 programs under his belt, “in maybe 10 of them, I had a heel win the first match.”

“This (SummerSlam) is the second biggest show of the year,” MSL explained. “It’s about finally getting that satisfaction, and to beat Enzo here was just so stupid.”


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(Enzo Amore ate the pinfall and lost clean to Chris Jericho in the show’s opening match.)

MSL continued.

“It was the kind of thing that when the WWE numbers come out, and the ratings continue to go down, and football is about to be back, and when they’re doing 2.6 million viewers on a Monday, I feel like they deserve it. They deserve to fail.”

Greenfield interjected that it seemed “preposterous and just constantly self-defeating” to have one of the company’s “most over stars” job out to an aging talent like Chris Jericho.

This irked MSL even more.

“To me the whole thing should have been to build to a one-on-one match at SummerSlam between Jericho and Enzo. Could you imagine if Jericho and Enzo for four or five weeks straight were just talking mad s**t about each other, and they finally face off at SummerSlam and Enzo just wins clean? You would have made a major star in one night.”

MSL felt that Enzo Amore “talks better s**t” than anyone in the business, and the company’s decision to treat him like a jobber on its second biggest show was tantamount to “s**tting in the mouths of their audience, and they’ve been doing it a decade straight. At what point do the fans just stop swallowing, man?”

Enzo Amore doesn’t quite fit the profile of a typical WWE World Champion, and his prior injuries may have the company a little gun-shy about testing him in the main event status against bigger stars like Roman Reigns. However, it does seem like there was little to lose in putting him over Jericho at SummerSlam.

But what do you think, readers?

Does WWE really deserve to fail for how they are treating Enzo Amore? Sound off in the comments section below.

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