John Legend Talks Being A Daddy, Making The World A Better Place For His Daughter And Others

It’s no secret that children born from celebrities are under the same spotlight as their parents. Fortunately, John Legend is ahead of the game.

John Roger Stephens, also known as “John Legend,” wants to make the world a better place. One of those reasons is his daughter, Luna, who was born four months ago in April. While Legend is known for his vocals, performances, and piano skills, being a father has taken precedence.

With hits such as “Ordinary People” and “Green Light,” it’s obvious that John Legend is a man who feels for the hearts of all people. With that in mind, he resolves to give child Luna a better experience than he had as a child. In a report by People Magazine, Legend discusses his parenting responsibilities and the motivation to give back.

Recently, John Legend and fiancee Chrissy Teigen celebrated the launch of their Belvedere Red vodka campaign. Legend spoke out prior, stating that he’s “always wanted to give back but being a father just gives you even more reason to want the world to be a better place because you want the world to be better for your kids than it was for you.”

This isn’t to say that John Legend had a bad childhood. He clarified this, continuing in his statements and keeping focus on Luna having an even better childhood than he did.

“I think it’s been great for me but if we can make it even better for Luna that’d be great.”

It’s clear that Legend’s priorities focus around his family. The 37-year-old musician has mastery over the piano, and he’s looking to have mastery in parenthood alongside it. There’s usually quite a bit of controversy surrounding celeb family business, but this couple appears to be living a rather normal life.

Legend gave his thoughts on being a parent, and how the connection between himself and his family is a powerful feeling.

“It’s just so much love, you feel that connection with your wife and with your daughter, and I think it’s a powerful thing to start building a family. And I love that feeling.”

A report by Daily Mail shows the father and daughter having precious moments over Snapchat. Legend affectionately embraces baby Luna, cuddling and nuzzling against her with love.

While John Legend works on being a father, he also continues to work on music. His latest album, Love In The Future, debuted in 2013 and holds one of his most recognizable songs: “All of Me.” The singer has yet to reveal too much information on the new album that he’s working on, but hopefully the project won’t take away from his time with daughter Luna and fiancee Chrissy.

Legend also discussed the more specific outline of how he and Chrissy work as parents. Speaking to People Magazine, John compares their respective roles as if they were the good and bad side of the law.

“I think I’m probably in general more a laid back person than Chrissy,” Legend began. “I think we’ll both be good cop and bad cop at times, depending on the subject matter.”

Additionally, it’s safe to say that baby Luna will be seeing much of the world as her parents travel.

“She seems to be able to handle a lot of different environments because she’s traveled a lot with us already,” John comments. “We’ve been to Italy, and to France and New York, and Mexico with her, and so she’s traveled quite a lot with us already. She’s been able to handle all that so hopefully we’re getting her prepared for the kind of life we live.”

Ultimately, it looks like the Legend family is quite happy. While John has a long way to go in parenting, the songwriter looks to have all the tools necessary to be a successful father.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]