‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From August 24 Episode, ‘BB18’ Jury Close To Adding New Member

This August 24 Big Brother 18 recap comes from the Wednesday night episode. The BB18 house needed to play the Week 9 Veto competition and then take part in the Veto Ceremony. With the house down to just seven contestants, the BB18 jury is drawing very close to accepting its fifth member on Thursday night (August 25). This episode of the show was aired by CBS on Wednesday, August 24, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Natalie Negrotti won the Black Box competition to become the Head of Household for Week 9. When the Care Package was delivered from America, it revealed that Michelle Meyer would serve as a co-HOH for the week. This meant that the ladies would share the perks and responsibilities. For the nominations, Michelle went after Paul Abrahamian, while Natalie targeted Victor Arroyo. The last episode concluded with Victor and Paul quite frustrated that they were now on the block.

Picking up with this August 24 Big Brother 18 recap, the “previously on Big Brother” segment covered everything back to when Paulie Calafiore was evicted unanimously. CBS viewers were then given some Diary Room interviews with Paul and Victor, who were not pleased about getting nominated. Paul’s reactions were very similar to how Paulie looked when he got nominated, with both guys feeling incredulous that other houseguests were using their tactics against them. For Paul, it appears to have come down to his attempts to “play” both sides of the house.

Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel were very excited about not getting nominated, celebrating and cheering about what had taken place at the nomination ceremony. This only made Paul even more frustrated with what was going on, though it didn’t take him long to try to start throwing the blame of his actions on Paulie. Paul wanted to air things out in public, getting into an argument with Natalie Negrotti, James Huling, and Michelle Meyer in the kitchen. It didn’t do much other than convince Natalie that she really wanted Paul out of the BB18 house.

Following the big “fight” in the kitchen, this August 24 Big Brother 18 recap notes an amusing moment on the show. Corey Brooks walked in on the fight and had a very awkward moment of silence as he tried to figure out why nobody was talking. It was then time for Corey and Paul Abrahamian to retire their “punishment” costumes for the week, but not before one last humorous Red Alert carried out by Paul just moments after he was arguing in the kitchen.

In separate Diary Room interviews, James Huling stated that the showmances had worked out a final four agreement and then Nicole Franzel spoke about how she was not sorry that Paul could get evicted from the BB18 house very soon. She felt that he was a “threat” if he remained in the game, stating exactly that as she revealed just how pleased she was that Paul was on the block. It concluded what was nearly 30 minutes of drama on the episode that led up to the remaining houseguests starting to prep for the latest BB18 Veto competition.

The Veto players were selected, with Nicole Franzel serving as the host. It was then time for the latest Veto competition in this August 24 Big Brother 18 recap. Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo each knew how important it had become to secure safety, knowing how risky it would be to remain on the block for the next “live” eviction. In the end, it was Paul who won the Veto, securing himself safety once again with his back against the wall. By winning the Power of Veto, Paul also forced Michelle Meyer to name a replacement nominee.

Following the Veto competition, there were a lot of discussions between Michelle Meyer, Nicole Franzel, Natalie Negrotti, and James Huling. Michelle wanted to make sure she went with the replacement nominee that would best help her game, ultimately agreeing to a proposal from James that he and Natalie Negrottti would vote to evict the person of her choosing. At the Veto Ceremony, Paul saved himself and Michelle placed Corey Brooks on the block. At the August 25 eviction ceremony, the houseguests will decide whether to send Corey or Victor to the BB18 jury.

The houseguests still don’t know that a BB18 jury competition is about to take place, with the evictee from August 25 getting a chance to earn re-entry into the house. That brings an end to the August 24 recap, but there were more Big Brother 18 spoilers that fans can read about, including Nicole Franzel and James Huling getting in trouble for offering bribes in the BB18 house. A previous report by the Inquisitr covers what took place there for anyone interested in reading about it.

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