Russian Air Strikes Create Humanitarian Crisis, Possibly Confirm Vladimir Putin's War Crimes

Sources out of Syria have reported that Russian air strikes are killing more civilians than even ISIS ever has.

Inquisitr also reported on the killings caused by Russian air strikes around the beginning of the year, but the latest update shows the number of civilians killed from the time Russia intervened in Syria, until August 1.

According to Nancy Youssef, who is a senior defense and national security correspondent for The Daily Beast, and was on the International round-up segment of Friday's The Diane Rehm Show, the Syrian Network of Human Rights reports that 2,700 deaths have been attributed to the Russians compared to 2,686 to ISIS.

From the beginning of the Russian air strikes, Washington has been suspicious as to whether Russia was interested in helping the U.S. force Assad out of Syria, as it's been widely known that the U.S. -- along with others in the coalition fighting against the Islamic State -- have been wanting to get rid of him.

Hospitals and humanitarian aid are also targeted by Syrian and Russian air strikes
Dubeet hospital in Aleppo, Syria, destroyed by Syrian government air strikes. Russia is also targeting areas around Aleppo, from Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea, and other air strikes on "terrorist" civilian targets from an airbase in Iran. [Photo by Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)/AP Images]With the frequent news reports of Russian air strikes against civilian targets, one has to wonder what their commitment is.

Syrian civilians already blame the Russian air strikes for the atrocities on the ground; being pinned between terrorist groups, government troops, and Russian jets for five years guarantees there is no way out than to flee or face death.

The Russian air strikes also aid the Assad regime's dropping of barrel bombs from helicopters. But one does not simply have to rely on the reports from human rights organizations on the ground, as there is plenty of video evidence to the fact.

A recent report on PBS News Hour Monday evening covered the "white helmets" who run towards the bombings to save people, working long hours to save lives and pull people out of the rubble; the report noted that they are also attacked much like people who do the same during a terrorist attack where terrorists activate suicide bombers to inflict more casualties.

Some of the recent footage gone viral of the child in the ambulance, reportedly from a Russian air strike, shows that there is nothing but violence in Syria and it irritates all sides of the issue as to what any government should do about it. But when one thinks of the Russian intervention there, it's difficult to accept that anything can be done at all with them in the way.

At this point, there is no point in leaving Assad in power. Five years of civil war, atrocities, and war crimes is enough for the international community to unanimously vote to throw him into The Hague.

And there's no reason to believe that Russia is looking to do anything in Syria than to be as influential as possible -- to be a superpower in the region.

Assad and Putin are relentless in creating havoc in Syria
Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad with Russian President Vladimir Putin, both are undefeated in their massive violation of human rights. [Photo by Alexei Druzhinin, RIA-Novosti, Kremlin Pool Photo/AP Images]The atrocities committed by Russia and their air strikes are numerous. Even if one were to accept some level of "propaganda" of reports from the ground, which initially said that they were helping Assad and the United States to fight ISIS and other terrorists, there is no way to refute the mounting reports of violence from the air as collateral damage for this long.

Russia itself is a superpower in the region and the only way to unite against them is the way the United States is doing now, which is by increasing sanctions and going after them as any government would go after the Mafia, similar to what INTERPOL did, according to one report by Inquisitr.

It was recently reported that Russian air strikes were being conducted out of an Iranian airbase, but as of this writing, CNN is reporting that they're done using that airbase for their temporary operation. But knowing the brief history of Russia's involvement -- where they had even said for a bit that they would pull out of Syria, claiming to have completed their operation there -- it should not be any surprise if they should return to conduct more Russian air strikes than they already do.

[Photo by Russian Defense Ministry Press Service photo/AP Images]