Nick Viall Talks Genuineness Of Jordan Rodgers, Robby Hayes, Josh Murray, And Shawn Booth

Nick Viall doesn’t believe that Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes were completely genuine during their time on The Bachelorette competing for JoJo Fletcher. On Monday, Nick, who was the runner-up on two previous seasons of The Bachelorette — first behind Josh Murray on Andi Dorfman’s season and then behind Shawn Booth on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season — shared a podcast interview that he did with Channel 33’s Juliet Litman.


During the interview, Nick, who can be currently seen on the third season of the spin-off Bachelor in Paradise, gave his thoughts on JoJo’s season. Nick confessed that he wasn’t a big fan of either Robby, who ended up being the runner-up, or Jordan, who proposed to JoJo on the season finale and is still engaged to her.

Why didn’t Nick like the two men? He found them to be fake. Citing his own experience from being on the show, Nick found the two men’s behavior phony.

“I was not a fan of Robby or Jordan much — mostly because I watch it a little differently.”

Nick pointed out that Robby pretty much professed his love for JoJo “the first day he showed up.” Nick questioned whether Robby was just saying things that the audience wanted to hear and that would endear people to him.

“It was like Robby had the Bachelor playbook and was just reading from it.”

As for Jordan, Nick pointed out that Jordan’s feelings seemingly got stronger whenever it was questioned.

“Everytime JoJo would have doubts about her and Jordan, Jordan was surprisingly falling in love.”

Nick especially found both men’s behavior towards each other to be odd. Unlike other seasons, especially Nick’s seasons, the two men who were the strongest contenders for JoJo didn’t have any drama with one another. Robby and Jordan actually got along and supported one another. While some people may take the lack of drama between Robby and Jordan to be a sign of their maturity, Nick doesn’t believe that Robby and Jordan would have behaved like that if they both really did have strong feelings for JoJo. Nick pointed out that during the group’s stay in Uruguay, when both Jordan and Robby got one-on-one dates, they “frat boy chest bumped” one another in celebration.

“I’m all for bromances and I’m all for playing fair and understanding, but keep in mind at this point, Robby is ‘madly in love’ with JoJo, and Jordan is ‘falling in love’…I know what it’s like to have real feelings in that world, and it just gets weird. And you can still play nice and you can still be respectful of all the other things but it’s just weird.”

Nick Viall said that Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers were either faking their excitement for one another or faking their feelings for JoJo Fletcher.

“Either they’re full of s**t in their excitement for each other, or they don’t feel these real feelings. You can’t be falling in love and be that excited about the other guy falling in love. I call bulls**t.”

Indeed, during the group’s stay in Uruguay, Jordan and Robby even enjoyed a spa day together. On Instagram, Robby dubbed himself and Jordan “Team RoJo.”

Nick may know more about Robby than he let on in the interview. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when Reality Steve, via Twitter, pretty much accused Robby of trying to pay some of the franchise’ alums to promote him on social media, Nick liked the tweet.

During Nick’s second run on The Bachelorette for Kaitlyn Bristowe, which he joined mid-way through, many of the men were suspicious of him right from the start due to the fact that he had already been on the show, that time for Andi Dorfman. While most of the men slowly got around to getting along with Nick, one man in particular still questioned whether Nick was there for the right reasons: Shawn Booth. All through the show, Shawn made it clear to Nick that he still didn’t like him and didn’t want to be his friend. Shawn’s dislike of Nick seemed to grow even stronger when Kaitlyn confessed that she had slept with him.


During his Channel 33 podcast interview, Nick said that while he and Shawn still don’t talk, he has nothing but respect for him as he kept it real.

“We’re not best friends, we don’t talk, but I think Shawn is real. I think he’s vulnerable and authentic and I have nothing but respect for Shawn…You can’t fault Shawn for his authenticity and the fact that he was just really in love with Kaitlyn. He might have lost his mind for a moment but at least it makes sense when you really like someone and other people are spending time [with them].”

Nick finds Shawn Booth to be a big contrast to Josh Murray, whose engagement to Andi ended after about nine months. Nick said that Josh is the opposite of Shawn when it comes to authenticity and that unlike Shawn, Josh has a “massive ego.” As long-time viewers of the franchise know, Josh and Nick became bitter enemies after Nick publicly revealed, during Andi’s life After the Final Rose special, that he and Andi had sex during their fantasy suite overnight date.

The feud between Nick and Josh has been reignited on the current Bachelor in Paradise season, thanks to Josh swooping in and sweeping Amanda Stanton off of her feet despite Nick having just taken her out on a date and expressing interest in her. In response to intense viewer criticism for their behavior, both Josh and Amanda have claimed that Nick told Amanda after the first rose ceremony that they should date other people and that he joined the spin-off specifically for Jen Saviano in the first place. The latest episodes do indeed show Nick and Jen enjoying one another as a couple.

Yet, as the Inquisitr reported, Nick Viall recently denied Josh Murray and Amanda’s claims. According to Nick, he never said that he went on the show specifically for Jen and never told Amanda that they should date other people. Nick also pointed out that had Josh and Amanda had a polite and civil conversation with him after their date, rather than just making out with one another right in front of him and flaunting their relationship, they wouldn’t have received such viewer backlash.


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