WWE News: Superstar Roman Reigns Reportedly Set To Win WWE Universal Championship Next Week

WWE Superstar Finn Balor managed to shock the world when he won the WWE Universal Title at WWE SummerSlam this past Sunday. He won a World Title faster than anyone in history and went down in the history books as the first ever Universal Champion, something no one can ever take away from the Demon King. The problem was that during the match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, his shoulder popped out. Balor was able to put it right back into place and then continue wrestling the rest of the match with no real hiccup at all.

However, he suffered a torn labrum in the match, which will cost him four to six months of action at the very least. This made Finn relinquish the championship this past week on WWE RAW and forced WWE to scramble in putting matches together for the night so that they could crown a new champion by next week’s RAW. Most assumed this was kind of idiotic as they literally have WWE Clash of Champions at the end of next month and more than enough time to get things together for a big match by that time.

Instead, we’re now seeing a fatal four-way with Big Cass, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins that will determine the new champ. There were many theories going in, such as why storylines seemed to die off almost immediately after SummerSlam. The main one was Rusev and Roman Reigns, as those two beat the crap out of each other the last few weeks and Rusev got demolished at SummerSlam. Clearly, Rusev will want some measure of revenge on Reigns.

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However, it does appear he may wait a bit. According to Cageside Seats, Roman Reigns very well could become the new Universal Champion. This was rumored going into WWE RAW, and with the current set-up, that does appear to be holding up as of now. Ideally, it would make more sense for Seth Rollins to win the title and throw Reigns and Rusev together again considering we still need a WWE United States Championship match at Clash of Champions.

Plus, if this rivalry is just looked over, it won’t make much sense at all. Fans are actually kind of into it and like the fact that Reigns is sort of earning his way back up by working with Rusev. The two had a great match on WWE RAW a week ago, and the thought was that they could have an even better one if given the time to do so. If Reigns won the U.S. Title, both he and the title would be relevant and mean a bit more to the fans.

While Reigns would be elevating the title a bit, it would also elevate him as he works hard in the mid-card to gain the respect he needed to have before being thrust into the main event scene far before he was ready. If he becomes Universal Champion, things could get bad yet again for Reigns, as he hasn’t even been in the mid-card for three months yet and being added right back to the top would be upsetting, but this may not all be on WWE.

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Finn Balor’s injury changed a lot of things. They wanted a face champion, so WWE now feels they need Roman back because he’s the only main event level face they have right now. However, it could very well be the perfect time to try someone else out at the top. If they need a face champ so bad, why not let if be Big Cass? He fits the part, he’s newer, and management loves him. Additionally, the fans dig him and he has a built-in hype man in Enzo Amore to get him over more.

Seth Rollins may very well end up winning the title before too long, but it does appear management feels a face at the top would be better and Roman Reigns fits the bill. The main issue is that fans will boo him, yet again, as he has yet to really earn their respect. He was on pace to do so in the mid-card, but he hasn’t had enough time to earn it fully. Therefore, if WWE does this, boos will “reign down” and will continue to do so until he loses the title. Yet, he may be the only top face, technically, that they feel is good for the role.

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