Police Draw Guns On 10-Year-Old 5th-Grade Boy — Neighbors Form Human Shield [Video]

The Facebook page of Patisha Solomon is getting plenty of attention after a video that Patisha recorded of her 10-year-old son’s reaction to being chased by police with guns drawn on him went viral. As seen in the below Fox 5 video, Legend Solomon is a 10-year-old who is 5-feet 5-inches tall, and a soft-spoken child. Legend was playing basketball on August 11, when his ball rolled into the street and nearly hit a Newark Police Department vehicle. Legend said he assumed it was this action that made police begin chasing him with their guns drawn through an alley — an event that made Legend believe he was going to get shot and killed.

According to WSBTV, Legend’s neighbors formed a human shield in order to protect the boy from being shot and killed by police. Police claim that they did not point guns at Legend. Neighbors — along with Legend’s mom — tell a different story about the event that left Legend shaky and crying.

Authorities ultimately captured 20-year-old Casey Joseph Robinson, a man they claimed looked like the 10-year-old boy. Robinson was charged with attempted robbery after being caught by police.

legend solomon [Image via Shutterstock]The Facebook post from Patisha describing the incident, which includes a video of a weeping Legend directly after being chased by police, has been viewed nearly 10,000 times on her page alone.


Why try to abuse our children and turn our young men in to fearful heartless men… My son is in counseling — even scared to go play because it happened right at our house. You despicable cops have no care for our children. My fun loving child is forever changed!!!

When I could first get Legend to say at least what he could moments after (he was still dazed) multiple Newark Police Department officers chased my 10-year-old with open loaded shotguns.

The man they were looking for was over 6-feet-tall, dark with long locs. They yelled, ‘He fits the description!’

The man they were chasing after was in eyesight down the next block HAD A GUN!!! THEY WERE READY TO SHOOT!!! BY THE GRACE OF GOD AND MY NEIGHBORS WHO MADE A HUMAN SHIELD TO PROTECT him (side note the cops did not care at all — they were even taunting neighbors that were yelling at them…obviously seeing he’s a child and chasing him with SHOTGUNS!!!

Legend tried shaking it off… This is all I could get.”

Patisha went on to explain in her viral Facebook post that her son is not the type to cry so openly, but admitted that Legend is now afraid to leave his father’s side. The 10-year-old doesn’t like to see his dad leave for work, writes Patisha, for fear that something bad could happen.

police guns [Image via Shutterstock]The boy who is now afraid to play outside — “They tried to kill me, Mommy…” — is one that dreams of a career in science, claims his mother. However, Patisha now writes that Legend is afraid of the same police in Newark who he once believed would serve and protect him.

For her part, Patisha just wants an apology from police. Now that her viral Facebook post, which includes the Newark Police Dept 5th Bureau location, has grown in popularity, Solomon just may get the “sorry” she’s seeking.

On Facebook, the WSB-TV post about the incident gained more than 1,100 reactions and hundreds of comments within one hour. The fact that a 10-year-old boy was protected from police by neighbors who formed a human shield is striking a chord with those who read Legend’s story, as well as viewers who have watched Legend crying directly after the incident in the viral video.

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