Kayla Rae Reid: How She Really Feels About Ryan Lochte’s Rio Scandal

Kayla Rae Reid has been by Ryan Lochte’s side since his scandal in Rio. The former Playboy Playmate was recently spotted with the Olympian when he arrived home to the U.S. earlier on this week. Now, she’s voicing her support for her rumored boyfriend.

It seems like Ryan Lochte’s No. 1 fan is Kayla Rae Reid, according to Us Weekly. The bikini model is showing her support for her man despite his ongoing controversy in Rio, which has caused him to lose out on various sponsors. According to the report, Reid, 25, and Lochte, 32, were seen touching down at LAX on Monday, Aug. 22. The couple was immediately asked about the scandal when they were spotted loading suitcases into their car.

The British outlet noted that both Lochte and Reid were all smiles during their recent sighting. The swimmer even posed for photos with his fans and signed autographs while waiting for his bags. Meanwhile, Reid did her best to avoid the paparazzi but did show her support while they loaded their bags into their car and drove away.

“I will always support him no matter what,” Reid said to a photographer, which was posted in a Daily Mail video.

And, just hours ago, the fallen Olympian gave an emotional interview to Matt Lauer on the Today show in New York City. He apologized for making up the story that he was allegedly robbed at gunpoint while he and his swimming teammates were in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Instead, Brazilian officials found that Lochte and his teammates — Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger, and James Feigen — vandalized a gas station and urinated on the property while heavily intoxicated. However, Lochte still insists that he and his fellow athletes were robbed.

“I left out details, and that’s why I’m in this mess,” he said in his first sit-down interview since the scandal on Saturday, Aug. 20. “I over exaggerated that story. The gun was drawn, but it wasn’t at my forehead. … I’m not making me being intoxicated, like, an excuse. I’m not doing that at all. It was my fault, and I shouldn’t have said that.”

“It’s how you want to make it look like. Whether you call it a robbery, whether you call it extortion, or us paying just for damages, like, we don’t know. All we know is that there was a gun pointed in our direction, and we were demanded to give the money … I’m just really sorry and I hope [the people of Rio] can accept my apology.”

Lochte has lost his sponsorships with Airweave, Gentle Hair Removal, Ralph Lauren, and Speedo. Meanwhile, Lochte has revealed to TMZ that he may take a trip to rehab following his scandal. He was asked if he was considering rehab or AA meetings for help with his drinking.

“You know, um, I don’t know. I can’t answer that question right now,” he stumbled upon his words. “Right now I need to just see my family and talk to them.”

On the contrary, he previously denied to People about having a “drinking problem.” But, everyone’s been buzzing about Kayla Rae Reid, especially how she met Lochte. In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, she confirmed the dating rumors, stating that they met on Tinder.

“He was on Tinder. I might be on Tinder,” Reid coyly answered. “That’s all I’m going to say about it.”

She also insisted that Lochte is “humble” and “kind” despite his controversy. In that same interview, she mentioned that she met his family and that she’s quite affiliated with Ryan Lochte the person, rather than Ryan Lochte, the superstar athlete.

Meanwhile, Lochte insisted in a previous interview on the Today show that he’s single and ready to mingle. He also mentioned that he was interested in some of the players on the women’s volleyball team.

According to the Big Lead, Reid and Lochte have been linked since March of this year. Reid was in Rio to support the athlete but then returned home right before his scandal. Rumors also swirled that someone in Lochte’s group allegedly cheated on their girlfriend during that wild night out, which ignited this very scandal.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Karma International]