‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Nicole Begs James To Throw Her The HOH, Questions If Someone Will Return From Jury

Big Brother 18 has been a little less dramatic since Paulie was evicted last Thursday night. Natalie ended up winning the Head of Household competition and had planned on nominating Victor and Paul. That idea was squashed when America voted for Michelle to win the co-HOH power in the care package. Despite the fact that she was going against what she thought was best for her game, Michelle agreed to keep Corey and Nicole off the block. That backfired in a big way when Paul won the Power of Veto and took himself off the block. Corey is now sitting next to Victor for eviction, but it is pretty clear Victor will be leaving the Big Brother house.

James has indicated to the house that he is sure there is no jury buyback ahead. Clearly, he has no clue what is going on because the five jury members will be battling it out for a spot back in the BB house on Thursday night. This will happen prior to the Head of Household competition. According to Big Brother Leak, Nicole is begging James to throw the competition to her on Thursday night. She promised him last night that she would not nominate him or Natalie, which would make her nominees Michelle and Paul. Obviously, this is all based on the fact that the houseguests have no idea that a jury member will be playing the game once again. This Thursday night is going to shake up the Big Brother house once again.

Fans have been voicing their distaste for what has happened since Paulie’s eviction in the BB house. It would appear that Victor and Paul are among some of the favorites for their efforts playing the game. James won the “America’s Favorite” vote before, but it appears that he won’t be receiving it this year. In fact, his game may have been blown up by production. According to BB Tooms, James was reprimanded by production after a conversation he had with Nicole. The two vets talked about giving the final four players $10,000 as a gift if either of them ended up winning the game. While this isn’t exactly a rule that people were aware of, Big Brother production scolded him over the intercom and talked to Nicole in the diary room. This was the biggest drama to happen since Paulie left the BB house last week.

While they have been discussing the possibility of a return juror, the Big Brother houseguests don’t think it is happening. Nicole talked about how unfair it would be because they had the chance with the round trip ticket twist. It seems she is set on winning the game and is fearful that another twist could definitely end her game before she makes it to the end. This season has been about expecting the unexpected and filled with more twists than ever. The showmance couples have become confident they can pick off the remaining two singles, but that may not be the case. Thursday night may be the biggest game-changing event of the entire season.

There are still two more days to convince the houseguests to vote out Corey instead of Victor. While this is an unlikely scenario since James and Nicole will both be voting for Victor, stranger things have happened in the Big Brother house. Thursday night will be enough to shake up the vets and send the other houseguests into panic mode. Season 18 of Big Brother wasn’t the letdown it appeared to be in the beginning, but the overwhelming twists have definitely turned some fans off, especially ones who enjoy the excitement of actually playing the game as it is meant to be played.

[Image via CBS]