Gigi Hadid Gets Zayn Malik In Hot Water Over Canoe Ride, But Don’t Be Too Hard On Poor Zayn

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have been traveling the world in a late-summer whirlwind vacation, and they recently met with Malik’s parents in a tropical paradise. Traditionally, at least, this marked a more serious level for their relationship, and then they combed the beaches of Tahiti. Miss Hadid wore her barely-there string bikini, which amounted to no more than a few carefully placed black triangles that didn’t really stay in place. They appeared to be having a perfect romantic vacation.

Zayn Malik, however, is catching heat over some pictures of he and Gigi preparing for a canoe ride, according to Glamor. It appears that Mr. Malik sat in the boat smoking a cigarette while Miss Hadid pushed off the canoe. How ungentlemanly, thought Gigi fans. How dare he just sit there and let her do all that work without lifting a finger. Little did they know what poor Zayn was going through.

Zayn sitting out there like a king watching gigi pushing the canoe????

— petra (@niazartkid) August 18, 2016

Gigi Hadid has been helping Zayn deal with his fears and phobias, and that canoe ride must be one of the exercises. Malik doesn’t know how to swim and has had a lifelong fear of open water. Wow! Somebody should have brought a life jacket for that boy.

Zayn Malik deserves that cigarette considering his nerves. Maybe he’s trying to tell himself it really won’t be his last one, but it might be if the canoe tips — but no, they are safe. They have been seen at the airport since this incident, so they made it.

Zayn was so brave. For someone who is afraid of water and can’t swim, going out in the ocean in a canoe without a life jacket would be really terrifying.

Gigi Hidid photo by Grant Lamos IV c

With Gigi Hadid by his side, Malik kept his cool and managed to look completely unconcerned. That first bit of nonchalant bravado was probably hard, though, and it was mistaken for laziness by fans on social media.

Zayn Malik even gets up his nerve to row after first allowing Hadid to take control for a while as he watched and learned. It was very brave of Zayn to get completely out of his element and allow himself to trust Miss Hadid, who is an amazing swimmer, to take care of him in the middle of an ocean. This is a real example of facing one’s fears, and Mr. Malik passed this exercise with flying colors. Now, on to that occasional stage fright.

Gigi Hadid has been very supportive of Zayn Malik following his canceled appearance at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball. He wanted so badly to perform that night but found himself unable to function due to intense stage fright, and his explanation appeared in the Mirror. He’s never been as confident as he appears. On the outside, he seems stoic, but on the inside, he’s shutting down.

“I don’t have it in me to feel secure in anything I do. I always strive towards something better. It’s why I sometimes come across the wrong way – a bit distant. I’m stressed out trying to control how I’m perceived.”

Zayn Malik byJamie McCarthy 2

Gigi Hadid seems to be truly in love with Zayn and determined to not only be supportive during his panic attacks but even attempting to cure him of his fears and insecurities.

So are Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid really on vacation, or is this some extended therapy session? If it’s therapy, Gigi is certainly making it look inviting. With her beauty, her enthusiasm, and that supportive strength, Malik soon put his fears aside and starts having a good time. Who wouldn’t want to face their fears while on vacation with a gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model?

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid had a very memorable vacation in lovely Tahiti and appear to be closer than ever.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]