Hugh Jackman Had Everyone Worried With This Photo, But There’s A Perfectly Good Reason Behind It

Hugh Jackman has shocked his fans after posting a picture of himself looking unbelievably old and frail, according to News Australia. It appears that the 47-year-old Wolverine star has aged dramatically for some reason.

Now that's what I'm talking about!

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Hugh Jackman, who had his fifth skin cancer in two years removed from his nose several months ago, appears to have gone through huge changes in his appearance. The Wolverine star, who always looks handsome and energetic, looked frail, exhausted, and much older than when he was seen in public the last time.

In his recent photo shared on Instagram, the 47-year-old Les Miserables actor posed by some fish in a log cabin.

Hugh Jackman captioned the photo, “now that’s what I’m talking about.”

But that fish certainly isn’t what Hugh Jackman’s fans have been talking about since the actor posted the picture, which sent his fans into a concerned frenzy about his health. His new appearance looks dramatically different from earlier in the year when he promoted his film Eddie The Eagle, which grossed only $46 million worldwide. Even his photo taken with his wife and posted only three weeks ago shows Hugh Jackman looking considerably better.

We're thrilled to be hosting the #gcfestival for the 5th year! September 24th, Central Park. ⭕️

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But true fans of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine knew that their favorite actor was still in make-up. One of his fans explained in the comment section that Jackman is playing old man Logan in the next installment of Wolverine, a movie about the mutant Marvel character of the iconic X-Men franchise.

Wolverine 3 will the eighth and final time Hugh Jackman reprises the role of the iconic mutant character. The installment will be based on the Old Man Logan comic books, in which Jackman’s character is described living his final days.

In the film, which follows the extinction of the X-Men, Patrick Stewart is also reprising his iconic role of Professor X. Wolverine 3 producer Simon Kinberg previously announced that the film will be rated for audiences ages 18 years plus and have a “violent” and “western” tone attached to it.

Another piece of evidence that there shouldn’t be any concerns about Hugh Jackman’s health is his recent appearance on one of the Sydney beaches, according to the Daily Mail. The Aussie actor showed off his ripped and toned body while resting on the beach.

Hugh Jackman was one of the main attractions of Sydney’s Bondi Beach last Tuesday not only because he is one of the top grossing Hollywood stars, but also because he has the kind of physique some fans are losing their mind over, while other fans are busy admiring his impressive gains.

Hugh Jackman opted for a pair of black board shorts for his outing at the beach. The actor is currently filming for the third Wolverine movie, which is why he looks as ripped and toned as ever.

In a sexy manner, Hugh Jackman emerged from the water and walked on the sand while showing off his impressive six-pack abs and huge biceps. The married father-of-two was in high spirits, as he didn’t mind onlookers looking in amazement and photographers taking pictures of him.

It appears that Hugh Jackman made his trip to Sydney alone, having recently booked a luxury apartment near Bondi Beach. The Aussie star is currently filming scenes for Wolverine 3, which is expected to hit theaters next year.

In order to look huge and buff for his role of Wolverine, Hugh Jackman trains in the gym almost daily, and he often shares videos of him working out in the gym via his social media accounts. Jackman recently revealed to Oprah Winfrey that he consumes 6,000 calories a day. Hugh Jackman is also filming for his upcoming film The Greatest Showman on Earth, in which he plays the role of American showman P.T. Barnum.

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