Just When You Thought He Might Change, Donald Trump Slams ‘Morning Joe’

You have to admit that two-weeks worth of breathing room between the Donald Trump’s controversies before he slams Morning Joe was about as good a run as he was going to get.

When he slammed Morning Joe, it was because of their reactions to his weekend speech, where they go at him for still being the same old Donald Trump despite the fact that he made Kellyanne Conway his new campaign manager.

In an effort to try and maneuver several paragraphs to sum up some copy from beginning to end of a “told you so” kind of read, let’s refer to an article from early this year published by the Inquisitr that makes a bold prediction as it slams the Republican Party for losing the White House.

During that time in May, Trump was already known for his slams against Republican leaders and rival candidates who had finally conceded the primary to him. Joe Scarborough’s Morning Joe program was one of those responding to the fear that they were going to lose the White House.

At the time, the bet was that the Republican Party would be able to head Donald Trump off at the Republican National Convention. His slams against Morning Joe are also documented in an article by Talking Points Memo, published a day after the Inquisitr article. Donald Trump slammed Morning Joe as they taunted him while on the air, only to end getting caught in the middle of a Twitter war with the Republican nominee.

Even the best journalists have turned to Donald Trump's twitter account to see what he's going to tweet next. He slams Morning Joe and he trends all over again. [Image by Richard Drew/AP Photo]

There’s a good chance that Donald Trump’s Twitter slams against Morning Joe could be a put-on, as there were reports over the last few weeks that his attacks against the Washington Post were a public show when he had actually approved their publishing of a potentially slanderous piece on him ahead of time.

Of course, what we’ve seen over the year since he started running for president are his slams against others on Twitter and from the podium, without the teleprompter, during his rallies, which get him plenty of headlines and therefore, a lot of attention — more than any other person left in the campaign.

What these slams essentially do is keep people talking about him, which has gotten him the support he has. But in the general election — even though Morning Joe offers him great exposure — it won’t do anything to gain him more supporters two and a half months before the November election.

On Monday evening’s airing of the PBS NewsHour, in a segment on Donald Trump, viewers were reminded of why the comparisons between spending in his campaign and Hillary Clinton’s on ads is so different. Because of public slams like the ones against Morning Joe, the Trump campaign essentially gets free ads, which is why he rides so high off of obscene or abrasive rhetoric like a “strongman.”

But since the publication of those two articles, Donald Trump has continued with his slams against Morning Joe and others, even through two or three different periods of resetting with new staff to recently “quadrupling down” with the hiring of Stephen Bannon of Breitbart, an online news service that is as incendiary as Donald Trump and even worse, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The Inquisitr also reported on Milo Yiannospoulos, who became well known for his organized racist attacks on comedian Leslie Jones, which got him permanently banned from Twitter. Yiannospoulos is the tech editor for Breitbart.

A recent report on Bannon says that he wants Donald Trump to crack open the rallies and go all the way with offending as many people as possible until November.

So again, with only a few months left in the race, there’s every reason to think this is it for Donald Trump. And his slams against Morning Joe are just a series of nails in that coffin.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]