Carlos And Alexa PenaVega Dish On Their New Addition

Alexa PenaVega and husband Carlos are super excited about their pregnancy and they can’t wait to share as much news about the impending new addition to their family. In fact, the PenaVegas won’t wait! Carlos and Alexa are taking to social media to share as many details about the pregnancy as they can, posting images and info as they get them.

Documenting a pregnancy isn’t something new, but for each couple, as is the case with Carlos PenaVega and wife, it’s a very special way to mark one of the biggest events two people can share as a couple.

Alexa PenaVega Doesn’t Just Share The Gender

Sunday was a very special day for fans of Spy Kids star Alexa PenaVega. Us Weekly reveals that Ms. PenaVega shared the news that an ultrasound revealed the gender of the child she is expecting with husband Carlos. Not only did Alexa share the news that they would be bringing a son into the world, but, in captioning the ultrasound image, which she shared with Instragram followers, Ms. PenaVega also shared the news that she and her Dancing with the Stars hubby had already chosen a name for their growing baby.

“Ocean King PenaVega,” 27-year-old Alexa captioned the image. “We can’t wait to meet this little Blessing. #BabyPenaVega #MyLilMan.”

Adding three heart emojis, Alexa went on to explain why that particular name had been chosen, alluding to the deeply spiritual souls of both Carlos and herself.

“God called the dry ground ‘land’ and the water the ‘seas.’ And God saw that it was good,” Ms. PenaVega explained in the caption. “That is why we went with Ocean. And he is a son of the one true ‘King.’ For us it has a beautiful biblical meaning.”

Ocean King PenaVega Will Be A Natural Sea Lover

Although the PenaVega couple have been married since 2014, Ocean King will be their first child, reveals People. They revealed that Alexa was pregnant in June and have since been sharing images to document the actress’ pregnancy through cross-posts on various social media sites. The good times aren’t the only parts of the pregnancy shared by Alexa and Carlos PenaVega. The couple has also revealed the obstacles with their social media followers.

“I thought for sure it’d be like, ‘One, two, three, wham, bam, we’re pregnant!'” Carlos said in a June vlog on the couple’s YouTube channel. “But no, that’s not the case. You gotta keep trying, trying, trying … and try some more. Which is not a bad thing.”

Carlos and Alexa were the first married couple to compete on Dancing with the Stars, but that’s not the only thing the couple shares. As they each have August birthdays, they celebrate their special days together in one big August blowout. For this year’s two-week celebration, the PenaVega couple marked the event by dubbing it a “babymoon”.

While Ocean King’s name may have some biblical connotations and share the PenaVega couple’s passion for Christianity, their expectant son’s name also hints at another passion for the couple. Both Alexa and Carlos are avid sunbathers and swimmers. In another Instagram post, Alexa confesses that Carlos and herself are obsessed with visiting the beaches and playing in the ocean. Ms. PenaVega says she’s very much looking forward to packing mini bathing suits next year, suggesting infant Ocean King will be exposed to seaside living as early as possible.

Carlos is just as excited about Ocean King’s arrival as Alexa, as is revealed in his own social media shares and captions. There’s no denying that the Dancing with the Stars celebrity is excited about fatherhood.

“There is going to be a new cool kid in town… And by cool I mean dorky just like their father,” Mr. PenaVega captioned an Instagram pic. “A little PenaVega is on the way!!! #ItsHappening #HolyWow #Imgoingtobeadaddy.”

[Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]