Randy Orton Injury: Brock Lesnar Needs To Be Released Immediately By WWE [Opinion]

Following his victory at UFC 200 over Mark Hunt, it was discovered that Brock Lesnar had tested positive for an estrogen blocker known as clomiphene. Lesnar, who has yet to learn his punishment via the USADA, tested positive in two different tests, one on June 28, and one on July 9, the night of the fight.

There’s very little question that Brock will be facing a fine and lengthy suspension from the USADA, but Lesnar’s other employer, WWE, decided not to take action against one of its biggest stars. In the eyes of WWE chairman Vince McMahon, Brock is only a part-time wrestler, therefore, he doesn’t have to adhere to the WWE’s wellness policy.

Over the last few months, Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio, Paige, and Eva Marie have all been subject to a 30-day suspension for violation of the same wellness policy. In fact, many feel that Reigns is still being punished for his actions as he’s been removed from main events and placed into a storyline against WWE United States champion, Rusev.

If you ask me, and numerous other WWE fans, the real reason Lesnar wasn’t suspended was due to his match against Randy Orton at SummerSlam. The WWE was worried about the money it would lose if it had to can its main event at SummerSlam by suspending Brock. Ever since Orton returned from his injury, the WWE had built this storyline to main event the company’s second biggest pay-per-view.

Whether you agree with the WWE’s decision to not suspend Brock Lesnar or not, it doesn’t really matter because it’s time for Vince McMahon to give the 39-year-old his walking papers after what transpired Sunday night.

Lesnar controlled the early portion of the match as he took Orton to Suplex City, but the Apex Predator was finally able to gain some momentum after nailing an RKO on the announce table. Orton would take the fight back in the ring before nailing his hanging DDT, followed by a second RKO. It looked as if Randy had things locked up, but Lesnar somehow kicked out after a two-count.

Randy tried to hit Brock with a punt to the head, but Lesnar countered with an F-5 just before Orton could hit him. Somehow, Orton kicked out before a three-count, but it only angered Brock to the point that he took his gloves off and began pounding on Orton with his bare hands, and a nasty elbow.

From the looks of things, this part of the fight wasn’t scripted as Brock Lesnar’s elbow opened up a massive gash on Orton’s head. Even as Randy’s blood poured all over the mat, Lesnar continued to pound on his head. SmackDown Live commissioner Shane McMahon came out, but Brock delivered an F-5 to him as well.

Orton ended up having to receive 10 staples on his head to close the wound that Lesnar had opened up. Is it possible that Brock inflicted the damage on accident? Yes, it’s possible. At the same time, it’s also possible that Brock was angered by Orton’s cheap shot prior to SummerSlam on Chris Jericho’s “Highlight Reel.”

Either way, there is no place in the WWE for what happened on Sunday night. Lesnar has no idea how to control himself inside the ring and it’s too risky to put another superstar in a ring with him. It’s possible that the next time, it could be something much more serious than a nasty gash on the forehead, it could be another star’s career.

Vince McMahon needs to release Brock Lesnar from his contract in order the protect the health and careers of every other superstar on the WWE roster and it must happen now.

[Image via WWE]