Anime 'Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Confirmed To Differ From 'AoT: Shingeki No Kyojin' Manga Story Arc For Characters Like Levi, Eren, And Mikasa

Patrick Frye

The much-awaited anime Attack on Titan Season 2 has been confirmed by official sources! The long-rumored Season 2 of the popular Shingeki No Kyojin series will not only have an immersive and disconnected story line, but is said to have some thoroughly intimidating Titans, including a few that may be hiding in the very defenses of the last fortress the Survey Corps or Scout Regiment has been protecting. But what really has piqued the attention of AoT fans is that the story might offer something different than what everyone expected based upon the Attack On Titan manga story.

After waiting impatiently for more than three years to find out what happens next to AoT's Levi, Eren, and Mikasa, die hard fans of Attack On Titan anime English dub episodes have confirmed reports about AoT Season 2. Though the hotly anticipated season will arrive next year, there is no confirmation about the exact date for the premier. Fortunately, fans of the anime won't have to wait much longer because persistent rumors indicate that Attack On Titan Season 2 could return "early next year."

The first season of the Attack on Titan became an overnight sensation. It was exceptionally well received not only by Japanese anime fans within the country, but also by anime fans across the globe who flocked to watch the Shingeki No Kyojin English dub. The anime's rather simplistic story line involving huge, grotesque, and cannibalistic monsters attempting to breach the defenses of the last organized human civilization wasn't groundbreaking. However, the immersive and inspiring members of the elite group of highly skilled assassins traversing across the city on advanced zip-lines, and propelled by gas-charged canisters, has kept the audience hooked, despite the AoT season ending more than three years ago.

According to Game n Guide, the anime's second season is now in production. The makers are basing the plot on the "Uprising Arcs" and "Clash on Titans" chapter. However, the AoT second season is expected to have "new experiences" for its viewers. While it is not clear what the developers implied with the announcement, they did add the second season won't be a "sequel" to the first one. Usually, anime seasons have continually evolving storylines and arcs that stretch several seasons. However, in the case of Attack on Titan, Season 2 is being said to have an independent storyline and plot, albeit the base premises of regular-sized humans slaying gargantuan monsters remains largely the same.

Interestingly, reports indicate the upcoming season could also feature an uprising led by Captain Erwin Smith, besides exploring the diverse background of the Reiss family. Some notable members of the Reiss family include Historia Reiss, the youngest child of Rod Reiss who has been masquerading as Survey Corps member Krista Lenz. The Reiss family is said to own the "Coordinate," which has been defined as the definitive "Titan's power."

While almost all the Titans the Survey Corps has been defeating appeared to be rather dim-witted, a new, smarter Titan is expected to be introduced in season two. Just like Eren, this Titan is said to be a shape-shifter and is known as Zeke in his human form, reported Movie Pilot. However, the real question is... what do the AoT fans really want to see happen to Eren and Mikasa?

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