Miley Cyrus Has ‘The Voice’ Fans Threatening A Boycott, Blake Shelton Jokes About Her Boobs

New coaches Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys were introduced to fans of The Voice in a special half-hour sneak preview that aired on NBC after the Olympics closing ceremony on Monday night, and some viewers weren’t happy about what they saw. Miley’s mere presence on the show had fans threatening not to tune in for Season 11. However, Blake Shelton seemed to have a great time goofing off with the former Hannah Montana star.

As Hollywood Life reports, two 17-year-old singers were featured on The Voice preview. We McDonald belted out “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble, and Darby Walker sang Florence & The Machine’s version of “Stand By Me.” By the end of the episode, viewers realized that they’d just been introduced to the first members of Alicia and Miley’s teams; Alicia snagged McDonald, and Cyrus convinced Walker to join her team by pointing out that they have similar voices. Miley also made a play for McDonald, and she was the first coach to turn around for both singers.

Miley Cyrus has earned a reputation as a wild child who wears revealing outfits, twerks with her tongue hanging out, and sings about doing drugs. However, she proved that she’s also a talented vocalist who knows a classic tune or two by joining Darby Walker for an impromptu duet of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” Miley also won Darby over by pointing out that they were both wearing outfits with flowers on them, but Miley’s was a bit wackier. She made sure to cover up as much skin as possible by wearing a baggy jean jacket and matching pants covered with large fake roses.

Even though Miley didn’t flash any flesh or utter any curse words, some fans of The Voice weren’t convinced that she’s the right fit for the family-friendly show. Upset viewers took to social media to complain about the singer’s addition to the coaching panel, and many even threatened to boycott Season 11 of The Voice.

“I will not be watching this season of The Voice, because of Miley Cyrus… She’s inappropriate most of the time and refuse to watch because of her,” Ida Palmer wrote on the show’s Facebook page.

“I can’t bring myself to watch it if Miley Cyrus is one of the judges… she is disgusting and I will not watch it especially with the children. Sorry we will be passing this year,” Kathy-Jean Moore wrote.

Some fans weren’t quite as critical of Miley; they just wanted to see Gwen Stefani back on the show with boyfriend Blake Shelton.

While it’s clear that a large number of The Voice viewers are not fans of Cyrus, it seems as though the “Wrecking Ball” singer has attracted some new eyeballs to the show.

Speaking of what Miley wore, Blake Shelton was such a big fan of her denim and roses ensemble that he decided to rock a matching outfit. Blake didn’t wear it during the competition, but he and Miley had fun joking about his new look before he got rid of his fake flowers. Miley pointed out that he wasn’t wearing a bustier underneath his jacket like she was, and Blake explained that he didn’t rock a similar top because he didn’t have boobs like hers; his “man boobs” were in need of a waxing.

“Mine are hairy,” he quipped.

As Yahoo! Music reports, Blake Shelton later added a special accessory to his deflowered denim ensemble: “Miley-proof” earmuffs. However, Miley told him that there’s no noise-canceling headwear powerful enough to block out her voice, and she treated Blake to a parody of his song “Honeybee.”

“I’ll be your honey mustard. I’ll be your chicken wing,” she sang, mimicking his country twang.

Viewers got to hear more of Miley’s voice when she joined her fellow coaches for a performance of Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” and they also got to see another one of Miley’s quirky costumes.

The Voice Season 11 will premiere Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Are you looking forward to seeing more of Miley Cyrus on the show, or are you tuning out because off her addition to the coaching panel? Share your thoughts below.

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]