NYC hotel the Standard has something for everyone… and a sex show

Open during construction, the Meatpacking district’s hot new hotel on the High Line boasted an unusual slogan- “We’ll put up with your banging if you put up with ours.”

But the saucy reputation has carried on far into “officially open” territory. Normally sanguine-about-sex New Yorkers are getting a bit het-up about the new hotel’s naughty clientele and their exhibitionist habits. The problem stems from here:


And as an aside, could you imagine having one of those awful falling dreams in there? But nightmares aren’t what most passersby are seeing, and up until about five minutes ago, the hotel was all for it. The Post snagged some text from their Facebook page, right before it was deleted:

“We encourage you to exercise your inner exhibitionist. Please share your intimate, and explicit photos with us — those floor to ceiling windows aren’t just for the views . . .”

The hotel’s website also welcomed the naughtiness:

“Whatever you do, just make sure the shots are HOT and that you get them to us in whichever way you can. It’s all about sex all the time, and you’re our star.”

Not surprisingly, lots of people are taking advantage of the floor to ceiling windows- creepily a lot of lone wankers. And the Post has spurred a local City Councilworker into “doing something” about it. But as of now:

“We saw a naked girl jumping up and down on a trampoline right in front of the window,” said Shannon Brickner, who works at a boutique on West 13th Street.

“From the street, I saw a man and a woman. Everyone was looking up at them.

“They were facing outwards, and I could see their backsides pressed up against the window. I thought it was a photo shoot or porn.”

[Image: Flickr, Gothamist]