Behind The Leonardo DiCaprio And Nina Agdal Collision

A Saturday drive in East Hampton Village went wrong for Leonardo DiCaprio and model Nina Agdal, when the couple were involved in a minor traffic accident. While details of the incident are scarce, it seems that neither DiCaprio nor Agdal has been seriously injured, though they may have been slightly shaken by the accident. Details may emerge, as investigating police look into the incident to determine the cause of the accident.

Leonardo DiCaprio And Nina Agdal Are “Doing Great”

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Described as a minor fender bender by New York Daily News, the accident in which Leonardo and Nina were involved left them shaken, but not seriously harmed. While DiCaprio and Agdal may have received minor injuries, an ambulance dispatched to the scene of the accident as a precaution was not needed.

“It was just minor,” said a spokeswoman for the East Hampton Village police department. “No one was taken to a hospital.”

DiCaprio has been romantically linked to 24-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel Nina Agdal since 2014, and the couple reportedly spend much of their time in East Hampton Village. Previously, Mr. DiCaprio and Agdal have been spotted at Montauk’s Crow’s Nest. Leonardo and Nina have been spending time exploring Montauk, sightseeing and visiting the local shops and restaurants.

New York Daily News adds that the local police department declined to comment further on the details of the accident.

Could Nina Agdal’s Workout Routine Have Had Something To Do With The Accident?

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Probably not, but Nina’s recent interview with Yahoo Beauty leaves one wondering. While Agdal is enjoying her time with DiCaprio, that doesn’t mean she’s slacking on her workout routine, a regiment that has Ms. Agdal using available vehicles in unique ways. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model confesses that she’s been doing her push-ups on the hood of a Buick Envision, during her stay in East Hampton Village.

It seems fitting, considering Nina just signed on to be featured in a new Buick ad campaign.

“It’s the best way to wake up your core for a long flight,” says Agdal. “Plus, you won’t add bulk on your arms, even though you’re still toning them. You shouldn’t do a lot of them anyway. More than 20 is too much.”

Nina was taught the method by fitness trainer Akin Akman and she says she’s not the only fitness student following Akman’s push-up method. Leonardo DiCaprio may not be doing them, but Agdal says most of her other acquaintances are definitely into the new fitness trend.

“I think during Fashion Week, you’ll start seeing a lot of models doing sets on their rides between shows,” says the model.

Nina says she doesn’t actually own a car of her own and, in speaking the reasons for that, one has to wonder if DiCaprio was trying to teach her how to drive at the time of the accident. She says a former unnamed love interest set up a series of traffic cones in an effort to teach her how to drive and Agdal admits she failed the driving test.

“I drove in a parking lot in Miami, and I thought I was doing so well. But my ex-boyfriend set up cones. He said, ‘Nina, you know, if that were a car instead of a cone, you would have just gotten into an accident.’ So I want to take Driver’s Ed.”

Ms. Agdal adds that she thinks it would be fun to sit in a driver’s ed class, because it would be just like being back in school again. Reminded that being back in high school would mean dozens of classmates using their smartphones to take her picture on a daily basis, Agdal suggests she might be better off finding an adult course.

“Yeah, maybe I’ll find a class just for adults, then. But I do really want to take driving class, get my license, and be safe.”

[Leonardo DiCaprio image by Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images; Nina Agdal image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for W Hotels Worldwide]