Bobbi Kristina Accident: Whitney Houston’s Daughter Reportedly Involved In Car Crash

bobbi-kristina-accident nick gordon car crash 2012

Beacon of all things true and noble TMZ is reporting that Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown and her boyfriend Nick Gordon were involved in a serious car accident in Alpharetta, Georgia on Sunday night.

According to the report, Bobbi Kristina was riding in the passenger seat of a 2012 Camaro with her on again, off again beau (and unofficially adopted brother) Nick Gordon when the couple began arguing. Sources say Gordon crashed the vehicle a short time later but managed to drive it back to Bobbi Kristina’s apartment in its totaled condition.

TMZ went on to report that cops saw the damaged car — front tire missing; front bumper torn off and airbags deployed — parked outside Bobbi’s residence with its hazards on.

Alpharetta police told the AJC:

“On Sept. 24th at 4:14 a.m. Alpharetta police officers responded to an apartment to meet with a resident who called our 911 center complaining of ‘loud noise.’ Prior to meeting the complainant and upon arrival into the apartment complex, our police officer discovered the wrecked Camaro sitting in the parking deck with its hazard lights on.”

An investigation is underway and despite no word from Brown, it’s believed that neither she nor Gordon were injured in the accident. TMZ took several images of Gordon’s wrecked Camaro which can be seen below:

bobbi-kristina-nick-gordon camaro crash

In other news, Bobbi Kristina, along with several members of her mother’s family, is the subject of the upcoming Lifetime reality series On Our Own: The Houstons.

The show is set to debut on October 24.