Blake Lively Injured Filming ‘The Shallows,’ Jokes That Kids Aren’t Safe Around Her And Husband Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively has just proven that she is a dedicated actress, according to Cosmopolitan. The 28-year-old Gossip Girl actress got physically hurt in order to make her latest horror-thriller The Shallows look more realistic.

While not many actors would agree to spill their own blood for a movie, Blake Lively doesn’t mind enduring pain during filming. And that’s exactly what she did in The Shallows, which opened in late June.

And while film critics didn’t give The Shallows a positive review, most of them are not aware that Blake Lively, who turns 29 on August 25, actually spilled her own blood during filming and the pain she portrayed in the film was real.

In her recent interview with News Australia, Blake Lively revealed the bloody nose in one of the scenes of the film “is actually real.”

“I cracked my nose on a buoy so the bloody nose that’s in the movie is actually a real thing that happened to me.”

But that’s not the only scene in which Blake Lively endured physical pain to make her performance look more real. The film is centered on a woman who is being stranded on a rock out at sea and is trying to survive from attacks by a huge white shark.

In another scene, a shark’s weight was pushing against Blake Lively’s character, and so to imitate that weight, the actress had to be held under the water while screaming in agony and trying to get out.

“So there were moments when I had no way to communicate, ‘I am done acting now. I am actually out of breath.'”

Blake Lively admitted that there were a lot of true panic moments during filming for The Shallow.

In other news, Blake Lively, who is expecting her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds, says kids are not safe around her and her husband, according to News Australia. The 28-year-old mother-of-one revealed she and the Deadpool star want to have more kids.

In her interview, Blake Lively said they love not only their own kids but also kids of other parents.

“If your kid is around us, they are not safe. We will try to take them, kidnap them and have them spend the night with us forever!”

Both Blake Lively and Reynolds have previously indicated that they will have a big family together, because the Gossip Girl actress is one of five kids in her family, while the Deadpool actor is one of four.

Blake Lively is currently expecting her second child, while her first child from Reynolds, James, who was named after the actor’s father, is 19-months-old, and cannot wait for the arrival of her sibling.

Blake Lively and Reynolds sure love the idea of huge family events, as the actress revealed they just had 22 family members staying at their house for three days.

“We were all sleeping on each other’s beds and the couches were occupied. I love the chaos of that environment. Our life is very full.”

Blake Lively and Reynolds met on the set of The Green Lantern in 2010, and two years later, they got married. Reynolds’s recent film Deadpool, released earlier this year, grossed over $782 million with the budget of $58 million.

Blake Lively, meanwhile, has just had two of her most recent films, Cafe Society and The Shallows, released. The actress admitted that the shark in The Shallows is so huge in size she calls it “the Ron Jeremy of sharks.”

[Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP]