NFL Rumors: Karlos Williams Release Is Due To Buffalo Bills Not Being Happy With Weight

In the NFL, you only get so many chances. According to Real GM, the Buffalo Bills are releasing Karlos Williams. The 23-year-old running back became expendable because he came into training camp overweight and is facing a four-game suspension. Though the Bills liked his potential, they need players that can help now.

When training camp started for the Buffalo Bills, Karlos Williams showed up about 20 pounds overweight. The Florida native informed management that he gained weight because he was eating with his pregnant wife. The excuse was not acceptable to those in the organization because they are trying to build a football team.

One of the things that Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan has been criticized for is that he might be too loyal to his players. When Karlos Williams showed up out of shape, Ryan publicly stated that the Bills were not giving up on the running back.

A fantastic showing during his rookie season in the NFL might have been another major factor in Rex Ryan not wanting to give up on Karlos Williams. The former Florida State Seminoles star only ran the ball 93 times, but that was all he needed to gain 517 yards and seven touchdowns.

Without Karlos Williams, the Buffalo Bills will be required to lean on other running backs. They have two veterans in LeSean McCoy and Reggie Bush. The team also has a promising rookie in Jonathan Williams. All three bring a different element to the offense, so a running-back-by-committee might be the thing that the Bills need.

Reggie Bush was initially signed by the Buffalo Bills so that he could provide help with the return game, as reported by SB Nation. However, with Karlos Williams no longer on the roster, there is a good chance that Bush will receive a lot more carries than the Bills initially promised.

Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus
The Buffalo Bills were already experiencing enough headaches with Marcell Dareus. Their star defensive tackle and highest-paid player on the roster is entering a drug rehabilitation center while he is serving a four-game suspension handed to him by the NFL.

Karlos Williams is talented enough that he still might have a future in the NFL. Another team will surely give him a chance, provided he puts in the work to lose all that weight that he gained. Williams will also need to prove that his substance abuse suspension was a one time mistake.

Another NFL running back that had issues with weight was Eddie Lacy of the Green Bay Packers. To prevent himself from being released, Lacy sought the help of P90X guru Tony Horton, as reported by ESPN. It will be interesting to see if Karlos Williams is willing to seek help to keep his professional football career alive.

Buffalo Bills running back Reggie Bush
If Karlos Williams does get another chance in the NFL, it will definitely be after he serves his four-game suspension. Despite being cleared to resume practice, the Buffalo Bills deemed that Williams would not have been able to play after the suspension because he was that out of shape.

Karlos Williams should study the plight of Trent Richardson, a former first round draft pick that was a much higher profile NFL prospect. Richardson has failed to find a home with the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders, and Baltimore Ravens. The former Alabama Crimson Tide star might be running out of chances in the National Football League.

Since he is young and talented, Karlos Williams could still end up having a pretty good career in the NFL. However, chances aren’t always going to be there because there is a crop of new athletes ready to make their names coming out every year.

[Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images]