‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season 6: What We’ll Likely See

The wait for official news about Alaskan Bush People continues. Some online sites such as Movie News Guide and Railing Kill claim that shooting for the new season is already underway. If the Browns are indeed back in “Browntown,” it may mean that fans can anticipate new episodes as early as this fall.

So what should Alaskan Bush People fans expect with Season 6? Based on the readily available gossip and scandal throughout the Season 5 and beyond — quite a bit.

With the way Alaskan Bush People wrapped up Season 5, one can easily anticipate the first episodes of the new season touching on Matt Brown’s unfortunate situation. At the close of the season, Matt confessed his drinking-related issues to his family and then departed for treatment. Despite expectations from the Browns, Alaskan Bush People ended with Matt staying in rehab rather than returning as scheduled.

The Alaskan Bush People star has since left rehab and was even interviewed by People. Viewers will have to wait to learn exactly how Matt’s doing, although it’s hoped he’s healthier and happier than he was when he last appeared on the show. Reports indicate that Matt Brown is close to rejoining his family, and will perhaps appear in future Alaskan Bush People episodes. The series will probably deal with Matt’s experiences for at least the few episodes because it’s one of the strongest — and most authenticly heartfelt — problems to emerge from the show.

It also seems unavoidable for the Browns to address all the time away they (once again) spent from “Browntown” and the Alaskan wilderness. Although rumored to be living at a lodge when not filming Alaskan Bush People, the “Wolf Pack” covered considerable ground in recent weeks. Family members turned up in Hawaii for a family reunion and son “Bam” Brown visited New York and New Jersey.

If Alaskan Bush People attempts to pretend that the family never left the woods despite so much public news revealing the contrary, it would be highly bizarre. At the very least, it’s possible that Season 6 will include a “Hawaiian” special similar to the California road trip episode in Season 5.

Gossip surfaced suggesting Alaskan Bush People producers intend to create a bit of drama with a boat fire. However, we’ll have to wait and see if that proves to be true. Some of the more unlikely possibilities for Season 6 include touching on Bam’s alleged romance with one of the crew members working on Alaskan Bush People. Although the Alaskan series has been accused of using actresses to progress storylines, the showrunners and network might not feel comfortable “breaking the fourth wall in this manner.”

Regardless of whether or not it’s true, the matter may not be addressed as part of the show; at best, it might be featured on a “behind the scenes” episode.

One primary source of drama for Season 6 of Alaskan Bush People could be the failed reunion between Ami Brown and her mother, Earlene Branson. As there is allegedly the possibility that a reunion of sorts took place in Hawaii, the discussion of this on-camera could ultimately prove unlikely. Alaskan natives were given the impression, as Radar Online reported, that the elderly woman missed her daughter. Persons even felt bad enough to treat Earlene to a barbecue.

But as the Inquisitr revealed, things were said on social media that had some miffed Alaskans thinking the entire thing was an elaborate, publicity-seeking ruse. It’s certainly worth mentioning that video footage related to the Alaskan trip was taken off YouTube after backlash ensued, leading to additional speculation.

In addition to a few new twists, we can expect the more predictable elements of the series to return: the struggle to keep the boating business going, dramatic mechanical failures, and even alleged threats to the Browns’ safety — threats that are never verified as factual. For instance, that “chased away by gunfire” angle near the end of Season 1 is something Alaska Dispatch-News seems to have utterly debunked.

If the show is most definitely set to return, fans should hope that if Alaskan Bush People does indeed return, it will be for a night other than Friday. As previously discussed, it’s a night of television that’s usually bad for any series hoping to avoid cancellation.

What do you expect to see when Alaskan Bush People returns for a new season? Share your thoughts below!

[Image via Discovery Channel]