‘Alaskan Bush People’ Exclusive: Fake Boat Accident Planned For Show? [Rumor]

Toni Matthews - Author

Jun. 14 2016, Updated 4:06 p.m. ET

Update: Out of respect for the source of this story, their name has been removed with apologies.

Alaskan Bush People producers are rumored to have something big planned for a future episode — a dramatic boat rescue of some kind.

This turn of events isn’t too surprising. Alaskan Bush People is all but confirmed to be a scripted reality TV show. As with many scripted shows, what the audience assumes to be a genuine situation or crisis is often premeditated in great detail.

For example, we now know the entire first season of Alaskan Bush People was meant to be a one-time documentary.

Starcasm had this to say.

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“If you click on the link to the Capital City Weekly article, you will notice it is titled ‘Alaskan family to be featured in documentary.’ I’m guessing that documentary turned into Alaskan Bush People. The wording of the article is particularly interesting:

‘The Browns are returning to Alaska in early May from a book signing and speaking engagement tour in the lower 48, to once again venture into the bush to re-create the journey described in the book.

Accompanied by a professional camera crew, they will be filming this 57-day journey for a TV documentary to be aired nationally and internationally in early 2009.'”

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It’s also worth noting that One Wave at a Time, the book Alaskan Bush People’s first season is reportedly based on, was referenced within the first couple of episodes of this ongoing season.

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With the criminal scandal behind the Browns, there’s only so much authentic drama to be had going forward. Now word is circulating among Alaskan residents that producers are hoping to manufacture a bit of drama for the series.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a commenter declared, “[The Discovery Channel] is shopping for another boat for the show, one they can set on fire and film the brown clowns coming to the rescue.”

The specific nature of this accusation was very intriguing, so I reached out to locals for further comment. I was told by a source that he was indeed aware that producers were shopping for a boat, but was reluctant to name the source he heard the this from.

“I will not reveal sources,” he said, “but knowing the one person, I can tell you it’s more than a rumor.”

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He also said that while he didn’t know the boat owner allegedly approached by Alaskan Bush People producers personally, he did know the person who the boat owner confided in.

Additional answers are being sought, as it would take some corroborating statements to make this more than a strong rumor. I will say that given the nature of Alaskan Bush People and recent accusations made, there’s a reason this information is probably accurate and not all that shocking.

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With the limited amount of authentic drama — and authentic publicity — that can be tied to Alaskan Bush People, there’s not much else. Nothing except fishing, hunting, and wood chopping. TV viewing audiences don’t tune in for the scenery and drab day-to-day activities. They want drama and excitement. Alaskan Bush People fans want new and better reasons to emotionally invest in the program.

Keeping an audience happy keeps ratings up, and ratings mean earnings. If a reality TV show is a scripted one, it means planning for the kinds of twists and turns that will keep audiences happy and ratings up.

If the alleged boat drama is actually being planned, it would also suggest that Alaskan Bush People could be sticking around for at least another season. And if that’s true, it probably means we can anticipate even more outlandish happenings — all in an effort to keep viewers from changing the channel.

Updates will come as more information is made available about this story. In the meantime, do you think Alaskan Bush People is faking dramatic situations or are the Browns just really unlucky? Share your opinions below!

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