‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fake? Network Accused Of Faking Dramatic Scenarios For Ratings

Alaskan Bush People has struggled with its “reality” label for weeks now. Despite repeated claims throughout the seasons that the Brown family was “born wild,” mountains of evidence exists proving the exact opposite. However, it’s becoming more apparent the alleged ongoing deception might be the brainchild of Alaskan Bush People’s producers.

This week on Alaskan Bush People, fans were shown “never before seen footage” of the Browns’ time in the lower 48. The Discovery Channel episode covers the Browns’ experiences after they left “Browntown” at the end of last season.

It spawned a familiar feeling for anyone who viewed the second season of Alaskan Bush People, particularly the very first episode of that season. The Browns stayed in a tiny apartment for about a year, during which time everyone complained about the noise, claustrophobia, and desire to be back in the bush.

More recently, the Browns found themselves out of Alaska altogether and forced to stay in cramped quarters in Seattle, Washington. The “Wolf Pack” coped with the stir-craziness by taking a road trip. The plan was to take the family to California, where the kids could see a bit more of the country than they are used to.

The Browns had just made it down into Oregon when, as is often the case on Alaskan Bush People, misfortune struck.

Son Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown remarked to father Billy that he could smell the radiator. The group stopped to examine it and were horrified to find a small fire. After successfully quelling the blaze, the family was left wondering what to do.

At this point, one might start struggling to maintain a sense of disbelief. Why is it the Browns can’t ever seem to get from Point A to Point B without some kind of dramatic tension? The answer may lie not with the Alaskan Bush People cast, but with Discovery Channel show runners.

In the comments section of an Inquisitr article about Matt Brown, an Alaskan resident came forward with a rather surprising accusation.

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It’s possible this is a fake claim, however, this a very specific accusation aimed at the network. Furthermore, examining his Facebook page gives the impression that he’s someone who owns at least one boat and spends a great deal of time on the water. It’s possible he was approached by producers or he knows other boat owners who were approached.

Attempts are being made to reach out to locals for further information; updates will be forthcoming should additional information is made available.

For now, it’s important to examine the implications of what Daniel claimed and what it means for Alaskan Bush People if true.

If a true rumor, it should encourage the Discovery Channel show runners to change such plans altogether. Anyone who reads about this rumor and watches the show will certainly remember it. Having a dramatic reality TV show moment play out exactly as previous rumors suggest won’t help repeated claims of authenticity.

Also, if proven true it would absolutely show that Alaskan Bush People is 100 percent fake. Fake to the point where every upcoming calamity is thrown into question. How does one feel sorry for a cast where drama could be specifically manufactured to generate sympathy — and improve ratings?

Finally, this claim happens to fall in line with other Alaskan Bush People story arcs recently exposed as fake. For example, Noah Brown’s beautiful date turned out to be an actress. Later, and more troublingly, the reunion between Billy and his daughter, Twila Wilson, was shown to be staged.

As reported by Radar, the pair were in contact with one another over the years. They even reportedly have something of a strained relationship. Things were made more complicated by the death of Twila’s teen daughter. Although the Brown patriarch expressed his regret for Alaskan Bush People cameras, he was accused of refusing to reach out to his estranged daughter despite knowing her pain.

It’s likely Alaskan Bush People producers were worried the fraud scandal would be the major source of backlash. Instead, the backlash is fueled by story arcs that suggest on-air dishonesty by the Brown clan.

Do you think Alaskan Bush People producers are purposefully creating drama and disaster for the show? Are you aware of producers making odd requests of Alaskan natives? Please share your thoughts below!

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