Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Want Kylie's Airbnb Deal For $30 Million Luxury Apartment

Is this how the rich stay rich or how they pay off $53 million in debt? It seems that Kim Kardashian and her egocentric husband, Kanye West, want to spend the fall in a luxury $30 million apartment in Manhattan, but they want Airbnb to pay for it. Does Kimye really have it like that?

Perhaps so. According to Time, the multi-millionaire couple feels that if Airbnb will foot the bill for Kylie Jenner's lavish 19th birthday getaway at the Pearls of LongBay Beachfront Estate -- an extravagant $50 million, 60 acre compound in Turks and Caicos -- then surely they will do the same for the high-profile celebrity couple.

Airbnb received a lot of publicity out of Kylie and Kendall Jenner's five-day stay at the 23-bedroom beachfront mansion that features tennis courts, a private butler, a private chef, concierge and many of the other upscale amenities one would expect from $10,000 a night lodgings with stunning seaside views.

The property has three villas; each with its own pool, private deck, hot tub, and seaside cabanas. The models and their entourages enjoyed open-air massages, horseback rides, jet skiing, and a fabulous fireworks display on the beach on Kylie Jenner's big day, reports Travel and Leisure. All the reality stars had to do is what comes naturally -- post massive images of themselves on social media and mention Airbnb every chance they got.

Airbnb should be jumping all over hooking Kim Kardashian and Kanye West up. After all, Kim Kardashian paved the way for her younger sisters to become super-rich celebrities by documenting every aspect of their lives and then gloating about it on Twitter and Instagram. None of this would be possible without her -- or more accurately, their mother, Kris Jenner.

According to Page Six, "Kimye" are the victims of their own success. The rapper and his reality star wife want a base for his Saint Pablo Tour -- which kicks off on August 25 in Indianapolis -- that can accommodate his family through New York Fashion Week. But alas, the "upper-crust" of New York are not inclined to deal with the Wests.

"Not many of these sellers want to rent to Kimye, as having their names, and Airbnb, attached to such a luxury property won't help a sale. It isn't attractive to high-end buyers. Plus, Airbnb is only offering a little more than $150,000 for the entire stay, when most of these places rent for [more than] $100K a month."
Kanye West's manager, Scooter Braun, has been talking to Airbnb about securing the same deal that Kylie Jenner got on a $30 million penthouse in Manhattan, an Airbnb source told Page Six.
"The plan would be for Kimye to live there for a few months for free, and Kim will post on social media about the apartment like her sisters did from Turks and ­Caicos. Airbnb would pick up the tab for the rent."
Kanye West has a one bedroom New York apartment on Houston Street, but it is too small and not grandiose enough for his growing family and what better way to save a few bucks than to barter for rent for publicity?

Presently, Kim Kardashian, North, and Saint are vacationing in Mexico, sans Kanye West, which automatically translates into divorce rumors, but the fact is, the "Famous" rapper is most likely dealing with the success of his The Life of Pablo pop-up stores. According to CNN, the crowds are going wild -- literally -- for his T-shirts and hoodies that feature the name of each city the temporary stores will pop-up for the weekend. This will surely put a dent in the $53 million business debt he blasted all over Twitter a few months ago.

[Photo by Charles Sykes/AP Images]