‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: ‘BB18’ Production Interferes With The Game, An Unlikely Final 4 Deal, And Care Package Delivery Shakes Up The House

If you thought voting out Paulie Calafiore last night would give the Big Brother 18 houseguests a stress-free week, you should think again. Last night, Natalie Negrotti won the HOH (Head of Household) competition, earning safety for Week 9. Natalie made an unlikely alliance with Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks, promising the duo safety. The Care Package delivery shook up the game by awarding Michelle Meyer with the luxury of Co-HOH, allowing her to name one of the two nominations for the week.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Natalie wanted to name Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian as her nominations. When she learned that Michelle would share the HOH duties with her, she was briefly worried that she would want to target James Huling or Nicole. She thinks it is important to get Paul or Victor out of the Big Brother house, because if they don’t, one of them will win the game next month.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that the plan is for Natalie to nominate Victor. Apparently, the Big Brother house is expecting her to nominate Victor, so it won’t phase him if she puts him on the block. Michelle will nominate Paul. They agreed they should say that it is just a game move and not to take the decision personally.

'Big Brother 18' care package delivery

Online Big Brother reports that Paul and Victor suspected that they were going to be nominated this week. Apparently, Victor picked up on “sketchy vibes” from Natalie in the HOH room. Even though she claimed they were “cool,” he felt that they could be put on the block. Victor added that it’s to be expected with only a few more weeks left in the Big Brother game.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that James told Natalie to tell Victor in the nomination ceremony that she’ll talk to him about why he was put on the block privately. James believes that will “get under Paul’s skin” and keep him guessing who the real target may be.

Natalie whispers to James that she finds it interesting that Paul constantly says he “swears to God” and then professes to be an atheist. James wonders if that could mean he’s been lying to them since the beginning of the show. Natalie adds that Paul told her that he didn’t want to win Big Brother because “he doesn’t need the money.” James responds by saying that is reason enough to get him evicted. He encouraged her to say she wants to keep people in the game that are playing to win.

'Big Brother 18' player, Michelle Meyer

Joker Updates reports that Nicole advised Natalie to consider blindsiding Victor and Paul with their nominations because she’s worried he may blow up and cause unneeded drama before the ceremony. The way Nicole said it sounded an awful lot like she was concerned that Victor may be able to change Natalie’s mind about her target for the week.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Natalie feels sympathy for Victor but doesn’t feel bad about sending Paul out the door this week. It looks like most of the Big Brother house is tired of Paul’s lies, and feel it is time for him to go home (or the jury house).

'Big Brother 18' player, James Huling

Big Brother Network reports that Natalie plans to tell Victor he is not the target and encourages him to win the POV (Power of Veto) competition tomorrow.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Michelle initially wanted to target Nicole. Michelle believes that she’s a “snake and cannot be trusted.” After talking with Natalie, she understands that Paul needs to go this week. Natalie didn’t disclose that she and James have a final four deal with Nicole and Corey. Michelle seems to trust Natalie’s instincts and was thrilled that America picked her for the Care Package.

At the moment, the plan is to nominate Paul and Victor. They plan to blindside them by telling them that Nicole and Corey are going up. Natalie added that she will not “allow” a girl to go home this week; it’s time for the girls to have a “safe” week. The nomination ceremony should begin in the next few hours and one can assume that it will be action-packed after Paul learns that he is the target for Week 9.

BB Tooms reports that Natalie stated that Big Brother production interfered and implied that nominating Paul and Victor may be a bad idea. Apparently, they pointed out that two couples have never made it to the final four. Natalie begins to second guess her nomination decision.

Big Brother fans flood to Twitter to voice their theories as to why the show would want to protect Nicole and Corey. Most feel that Big Brother is planning to “fix” the competition for Paulie Calafiore to return, and they want to make sure his alliance is still in the house.

Big Brother 18 fans, who do you want Michelle and Natalie to nominate this week? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and daily live feed updates.

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