Rita Wilson’s Guest Spot On HBO Show Comes With One Condition: No Nudity

Rita Wilson talks guest role on "Girls"

Rita Wilson, actress and wife of Tom Hanks, has signed on to guest star on HBO’s Girls as Allison Williams’ mother. Her only request? No nudity.

The Emmy-nominated series is known for its frequent displays of full-body nudity, and heck, what HBO show isn’t? Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, and hillbilly-Twilight True Blood? Sure, they’re all great shows, but what would they be without all of the sweaty, naked sex? Rita is a smart girl. She’s been around the block a few times. So despite her personal convictions, her comfort, or yes, even her age, she knew that nudity was a possibility when she signed on for Girls.

And mother figures aren’t immune, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In a first season episode, the mother of Lena Dunham’s character (played by Becky Ann Baker) is shown nude in the shower doing something for grown-ups.

But no such shenanigans will be written into Wilson’s contract.

“I [wanted] it put in my contract . . . [They] don’t want to see me nude,” the 55-year-old told Us Weekly. “That’s all I have to say. I’m like, ‘Don’t write in any nudity, please!'”

On the role, Wilson said that she had a good time shooting for Girls as the mother of Marnie (played by Allison Williams).

“[Filming] was a blast,” she said. “It’s just one episode this season, but I hope there’s room for [my character] to grow!”

Wilson also has a recurring gig on CBS’ The Good Wife as lawyer Viola Walsh.