‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Tate Is Found, Chad And Jennifer Despair, Maggie Faces Surgery, And Victor Faces Allegations

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that viewers have a lot of exciting developments to look forward to when the show returns, with new episodes beginning on Monday, August 22. Tate remains missing and Abigail is presumed dead, and an epic preview video has given fans a taste of where things are headed this fall. Now, new tidbits are emerging about where things head in the coming episodes, and there is a wild ride just around the corner.

As Serial Scoop shares, Chloe will be feeling quite a bit of stress over her shocking pregnancy. She is hiding the truth from Deimos for now, but Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that she will be having nightmares about him finding out. Philip is lending his support to her, even offering to pretend he is the baby’s father. As the week plays out, he will be looking for an answer from her regarding that offer.

Aiden has pulled quite the move and snagged Justin’s gig as district attorney away from him. Justin was scrambling when questions arose in the case where he manipulated evidence in accordance with a deal he made with Deimos, and now Aiden is the man in charge.

Days of Our Lives spoilers share that news of Aiden’s new position will have Hope and Rafe feeling quite anxious, as they worry that he will piece together what really went down with Stefano’s murder as he digs into all of Justin’s cases. Soon, Aiden will confront Hope about Stefano’s death and try to elicit a confession from her.

Maggie will be getting her surgery, but as she heads to the operating room, she will be quite worried about Tate. John took off to pursue a lead on the case, and Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Victor will become the prime suspect in the kidnapping. He will be arrested soon over this, but there are big questions emerging about who is really responsible for the boy’s disappearance.

As for Tate, John does track down the young boy, and Days of Our Lives spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that he is reunited with Brady and Theresa. This happy reunion paves the way for Theresa and Brady to tie the knot not too far down the road, but previews have teased that chaos erupts before the nuptials can take place.

Fans are buzzing over the preview that teases the big Days of Our Lives spoilers regarding the wedding disruption. Clyde will be collaborating with Salem villains Orpheus and Xander to break out of jail together and head back to Salem. This doesn’t come up yet during the week of August 22, and everybody will have to stay tuned to get a solid timeline. However, this fall will bring juicy chaos that leaves many fighting for survival.

All three baddies want revenge, and many people will be scrambling to stay alive. Clyde heads for Kate while Xander is threatening Theresa on her wedding day. As for Orpheus, he has big plans, as he wants to kill just about everybody in town. Eve is returning for the wedding, but Orpheus will be targeting her during the chaos and people will be anxious to see if anybody dies.

Kayla is facing a medical emergency in the episodes ahead and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that she will need surgery. This will certainly bring Steve and Joey to her bedside as they wait to see if she recovers. Ciara will take a risk and tell Chad that she loves him, but teasers indicate that she will be hurt to learn that he does not reciprocate her feelings. Chad is still heartbroken over Abigail and her supposed death, of course.

In addition, Chad has been in a fierce battle with Jennifer over custody of Thomas. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that both Chad and Jennifer will sink into despair over hearing that Abigail supposedly died in a plane crash. Chad reportedly turns back to alcohol, and Jennifer will find herself in a sketchy motel room considering a cocktail of booze and pills.

The week of August 22 brings a tender moment between Claire and Theo as they kiss, but Ciara sees them. After being rejected by Chad, Days of Our Lives spoilers note that she may react with jealousy. Nicole will soon be questioning Chloe about her pregnancy and wondering if Deimos is the baby’s father. Will Chloe be honest or utilize Philip to keep the truth under wraps?

Viewers have been missing the soap during its hiatus due to the Rio Olympics, but the wait for fresh action is almost over. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there are jam-packed episodes on the way, and fans will not want to miss a moment of the action ahead.

[Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images]