Justin Bieber Feels Hatred Towards ‘Jealous’ Selena Gomez For Dissing Sofia Richie Romance, Won’t Accept Apology?

If fans thought that Justin Bieber can ever see himself being friends with Selena Gomez again, they better think again, as a new report claims that the singer wants nothing to do with his ex-girlfriend.

Gomez made endless headlines earlier this week when she somewhat attacked Bieber for publicizing his relationship with 17-year-old Sofia Richie, only to then get angry at Instagram users for attacking the socialite. The singer took to her official page, writing that if Justin doesn’t want fans to criticize his new relationship, he should abstain from putting photos of himself and Sofia all over social media.

Justin would go on to respond, saying that Selena’s input was redundant, claiming that the singer only used him for fame and publicity. And while Gomez went on to apologize for her “selfish and pointless” actions, Celeb Dirty Laundry is under the impression that the singer will not be forgiving his ex-girlfriend for her careless attack.

“Bieber makes a strong case for Selena Gomez being incredibly jealous of his new relationship, as she had no reason to chime in during his fan feud, or even to be monitoring what was going on in his life by stalking his Instagram account,” the news outlet explains, with the thought that Selena has been keeping tabs on Justin and who he’s hooking up with.

CDL adds that Selena Gomez gives off the impression she’s certainly not over Justin, and now that he has confirmed that he’s hooking up with Sofia Richie, the “Hands to Myself” hitmaker is showing off a rather jealous side of herself — one which she ended up having to apologize for, according to the Sun.

It was just a week ago when Selena teased a track she had allegedly recorded with Justin Bieber, and they were both planning on releasing in the forthcoming weeks. However, from what sources have gathered, Bieber is no longer interested in having any of his vocals on a Selena song.

He feels disrespected by her actions, especially since he has done nothing but support her following their untimely breakup. Two months ago, Bieber shared a throwback photo of himself making out with Selena on Instagram, which ended up becoming one of the most liked photos on the photo-sharing website, hinting that the 22-year-old still has some love for the former Disney Channel star.

But her actions were so “pathetic,” as CDL calls it, that Justin Bieber will keep his distance from Selena from now on, and he’s convinced that her decision to blast his relationship with Sofia were solely done out of anger and jealousy. The Daily Mail continues by saying that Justin is already refusing to answer Selena’s phone calls.

CDL concludes, saying, “The star obviously hasn’t gotten over the Biebs and her obsession is not only making her look pathetic but also ruining any chances she has of having a friendship with her ex.”

No word on what will happen to the unreleased Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez collaboration, but it seems rather obvious that the song won’t be heard anytime soon — especially now that the former lovers have fallen out and Justin wants to keep his distance from his ex-girlfriend.

What do you make of Selena Gomez’s decision to blast Justin Bieber’s relationship on social media? Do you think he makes a fair point as to why he wants nothing to do with her?

[Photo by Kevin Winter and Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]