David, Victoria Beckham Divorce Concerns As Couple Sell Family Home, Secretly 'Living Separately'

Is Victoria Beckham's marriage with David coming to an abrupt end? A new report via Radar Online suggests that the couple could potentially be divorcing now that it has been confirmed that the duo plans on selling their $3 million family home out in France.

According to sources, Victoria and David have both agreed to sell the property, considering the supposed fact that neither of them ever stays in the six-bedroom family mansion, even when they find themselves spending several days in the country with their children.

The twosome have supposedly considered the purchase a failed investment and are both wanting to get rid of the house as quickly as possibly, which Radar Online suggests is strongly hinting at the idea that there's trouble in paradise between Victoria and her husband.

"You wouldn't have seen Victoria queuing for a croissant in the village boulangerie," the insider explained, stressing that the couple never being there is not the only reason the house is going on sale — it apparently also has to do with the supposed fact that the Beckhams have not been getting along as of late, and it's been building up for some time.

David "flirting with two different brunettes while at a SoulCycle class in Los Angeles" is said to have contributed to Victoria's sudden decision in wanting her husband's agreement to sell their French estate as quickly as possible.

Another factor why the relationship is believed to have run its course is because the couple have been relying on one another too much with their work-related projects. For example, Victoria is said to be under the impression that tying David to her fashion business was a mistake because she is somewhat forced to rely on her husband to give her permission on things she sees best for her company, when David really shouldn't have a say at all.

"The Beckhams also severed their business ties to each other," an insider added, insinuating that working so closely with one another has weighed hard on their relationship, which is now supposedly seeing the couple ready up one of biggest divorces in Hollywood.

It was just two months ago when Enstarz alleged that Victoria and David were planning to spend their summer apart from one another, giving off the idea that the duo were quietly separating.

"Victoria loves London and she'd rather spend all her time there now the house is finally ready," the outlet quoted OK Magazine saying.

"But David totally prefers LA. He loves the pace of life in the US and is still having talks about his proposed football team Miami MLS, so he never wants to be far from there."
Their divorce rumors have often circulated in the media, which Victoria and David Beckham have always firmly denied, but with the news that the couple plan on selling their French estate, along with the news that neither is happy with their living arrangements, a divorce could be next for the duo.Regarding the latest divorce drama, Victoria and her husband have decided not to comment on the story, which has fans questioning whether they are not giving a statement because there's some truth to the report or because they are just sick and tired of having to address their relationship status with the public.

What do you make of allegations that Victoria Beckham and David could potentially be splitting up?

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]