Eve Plumb Sells Malibu Home She Bought At Age 11: How She Made Millions From Real Estate And Not ‘The Brady Bunch’

Victoria Miller

Eve Plumb is still reaping the benefits of her childhood stardom on The Brady Bunch, but it's not through residuals. The actress turned artist, who played middle daughter Jan Brady on the '70s sitcom, recently sold the Malibu home that she bought at age 11 with her Brady Bunch earnings. According to the Los Angeles Times, Plumb sold the 850-square-foot oceanfront Malibu bungalow for $3.9 million, more than 45 years after purchasing it with her parents.

Eve Plumb purchased the property in 1969 for just $55,300. The 1950s cottage, which sits at the south end of Escondido Beach, was sold with the option to get a modern day makeover by Meis Architects.

"My parents and I bought it together," Plum said of the Malibu home. "Because I was working, and working on a series, my parents always wanted to make sure that I had time off, that I wasn't always working and wasn't always doing personal appearances. So they looked around and found this great place. And we bought it together and enjoyed it together for years as a weekend house."

"That was a lot of money," Plumb said of the $50K price tag, "And it wasn't as if I were making the down payment. Salaries were commensurate with what things cost. It was just that my parents wanted to invest my money in real estate."

"The biggest misconception is that we're all rich from it, but we are not," Plumb revealed. "We have not been paid for reruns of the show for many, many years. We are not making money off of it at all."

"If they use clips of the show in a movie now, they have to get our permission and pay us, but that's usually very low money, and often we get asked to have clip usage for free," Eve explained. "I'm a big proponent of being paid for my work, and since the going thing now is to use clips, to pay the actor, um, I'm going to continue to ask for that. "

Eve Plumb works as an artist and still continues to act. Fans saw her earlier this year on the Fox TV musical, Grease: Live. Still, Plumb warns today's child stars not to blow their money, because fame can be fleeting.

"Don't quit your day job," Plumb says. "Save the money and buy a house. Don't squander what you've got because it won't always last."

Take a look at the video below for more on Eve Plumb's amazing real estate deal.