The Amanda Show: Bynes Skips LA Court Date, Will Miss Another This Week

Oh no she didn’t! Yeah, she did. Amanda Bynes, the troubled former actress who has been in a heap of driving trouble lately, pulled a “Lohan” and blew off her Los Angeles court date.

A judge “suggested” that Bynes show up at Monday’s hearing in Los Angeles to explain herself, particularly her slew of recent driving infractions. Thus far, her rap sheet includes: Getting a DUI, getting a speeding ticket a week after her DUI, getting stopped for driving without her headlights on, two hit-and-run charges, and a handful of unpaid parking tickets (hey, it’s LA).

According to MSN, Bynes pretty much lets her lawyer, Richard Hutton, do the heavy lifting on her behalf. It kind of seems like she’s operating under a poor understanding of the law, thinking that having a lawyer means she can skip court dates. Sure, she’s expected to appear for misdemeanor charges, so she technically doesn’t need to appear, but she should appear what with so many violations on her plate in such a short span of time.

Furthermore, Bynes is expected at a hearing regarding her hit-and-run incidents on Thursday, again in Los Angeles.

Little problem. She’s in New York. And will be through the end of the week.

Why? “She has moved to New York indefinitely to start her fashion line,” says E! News. She was spotted out and about in New York over the weekend at several places, including a salon. She recently stressed that she’s “doing amazing” and that she has “retired as an actor,” and is “moving to New York to launch my career.”

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