Barack Obama On A Five-Month Countdown To Vacate The White House

Barack Obama needs to officially vacate the White House before January 20, 2017, when the new U.S. president is sworn into office. This means that Obama and his family, which includes Michelle Obama and their children, Malia Ann and Natasha, will still be residents at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue on November 8, the date of the presidential election.

However, Obama may not stay for one day more, because by then, it will be unconstitutional.

“Obama’s last day is set by the 20th Amendment to the Constitution,” says About News.

By January 19, Barack Obama will have completed two terms as president of the United States. Again, he may not go for a third term, as the U.S. Constitution’s 22nd Amendment forbids him to do so. Two terms are the maximum for any American executive.

However, the source claims that many conspiracy theorists believe that Obama will try to usurp his authority as the 44th president of the United States to remain in power beyond the January 20 deadline.

Another theory is that the president will respect the American constitution and dutifully exit the White House on or before January 19. However, Barack Obama intends to end his final tenure with a bang. And he will do this by making a dramatic disclosure regarding the existence of aliens, thereby confirming their ongoing visitation of the planet based on top secret U.S. intelligence compiled through the years, dating back to World War II.

“The first head of state that makes the announcement that extraterrestrial presence is real will be one of the greatest political legacies of all time,” an Inquisitr article quotes Stephen Bassett, the executive director of Paradigm Research Group (PRG), as saying.

Bassett believes that Barack Obama’s flair for drama will be unable to resist the temptation as follows.

“I think Obama will be the disclosure president. I am 85 percent sure Obama will make the announcement before he leaves office. He will be looking at a Nobel Prize for making an announcement like that.”

Overstaying in the White House and exiting with a bang are just two scenarios put forth by different groups of people regarding how the incumbent intends to approach a January 20 deadline. However, based on what Barack Obama is actually doing, he sure is the U.S. president to end private for-profit federal prisons because of the gross inefficiency of these complexes in ensuring the safety and well-being of prisoners, as well as prison staff. Barack Obama is not going to make this happen all at once, according to Occupy Democrats.

“Last week, the Department of Justice released an inspector general’s report on private prisons that found for-profit detention centers to be substantially more dangerous for both the inmates and for the correctional officers,” the source said.

The same source quotes Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates as saying that the phaseout will be gradual and that her department is “well on our way to ultimately eliminating the use of private prisons entirely.”

And so it appears that Barack Obama intends to leave the White House with a strong stance in support of prison reform. Another Inquisitr article underscores the American president’s determination to continue to commute the sentences of prisoners to convince “Congress to take legislative action to prevent future generations of Americans from being subjected to archaic and unjust mandatory minimum sentencing requirements.”

According to the same article, Barack Obama has commuted over 200 federal prison sentences, the most in a single day in over 100 years of any president of the United States. Shutting down private federal prisons and commuting sentences certainly shows just how committed President Obama is regarding vital aspects of prison reform.

Another highly visible act or acts that President Obama has done as he winds down his last tenure is to support the longevity of the Democratic party. He has openly supported fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton in her own bid for the executive office. Barack Obama appears to have put his surging popularity to good use. The latest Ipsos polls for Clinton show a six-point lead over the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to Reuters.

Having examined what the president is doing during the remaining months of his office, it’s time to look into what he is failing to do presently. Barack Obama is currently being criticized for spending more time golfing at Martha’s Vineyard rather than taking the time to visit the victims of the Louisiana flood, which has already killed 13 Americans and affected 40,000 homes, according to ABC News.

USA Today says that a “Louisiana newspaper urges Obama to end his vacation and visit flood sites.”

This recent clamor for presidential visitation sounds almost like the city of Gotham’s call for Batman, the caped crusader, to rescue citizens from lawlessness and chaos. But as president of the United States, Barack Obama is aware that the highest office of the land does require nothing less than a superhero up to the last days of his term.

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