‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From August 17 Episode, ‘BB18’ House Finalizes Nominees, Gets Visited By Zingbot

This August 17 Big Brother 18 recap comes from the Wednesday night episode. The BB18 house played out the Veto competition and hosted the Veto ceremony in the hour-long episode, which served as a backdrop to dramatic moments following the Week 8 nomination ceremony. This episode of the show was aired by CBS on Wednesday, August 17, at 9 p.m. PT/ET.

There was a lot for producers to cover in this 60 minutes, but it also proved why CBS has been able to get enough footage for another bonus episode on Friday, August 19. During the “previously on Big Brother” segment, producers went over moments that took place before the double eviction. Zakiyah Everette and Bridgette Dunning were shown getting evicted, Victor Arroyo won HOH, and then his two nominations for eviction (Paulie Calafiore and Corey Brooks) were revealed.

In the first Diary Room session of this August 17 Big Brother 18 episode, Victor spoke about how Paulie is his main target for eviction this week. Victor stated that he placed Corey on the block next to him because Corey was the main ally of Paulie in the BB18 house. Then a Diary Room session was shown with Paulie crying, stating that he was about to go “beast mode” due to what took place at the nomination ceremony.

The inevitable confrontation soon followed, with Paulie calling out Victor, Paul Abrahamian, and James Huling in the kitchen. Victor noted that it was Paulie who had orchestrated getting Victor out of the BB18 house earlier in the season and that it was only Paul who had stood by him. Paul then chimed in that this moment was bound to happen eventually, as there aren’t going to be five winners this summer. All of the discussions showed just how important the impending Veto competition had become.

At the Veto selection, Paulie drew a “houseguest’s choice” chip, allowing him to select who he wanted to play in the Veto competition. He looked at Michelle Meyer who said “no” to him before he could even ask a question. It created a very awkward moment in the BB18 house. Paulie ended up selecting Nicole Franzel, who was also joined by James Huling and Paul Abrahamian in the competition. This meant that only Natalie Negrotti and Michelle would be watching it from the sidelines.

A key point of this August 17 Big Brother 18 recap came after the Veto meeting, where most of the houseguests were gathered in the kitchen. Paulie Calafiore began calling out nearly everyone left in the game, stating that they were all manipulating people along the way. That included an accusation of Michelle Meyer, who was defended by James Huling as the argument got a bit heated. What followed were several additional arguments about loyalty, with Paulie getting told that nobody was doing anything he hadn’t already perpetrated this summer.

Once another commercial break had taken place, Zingbot came through the front door. He dished out insults to each of the eight remaining houseguests before announcing that everyone needed to come to the backyard for the Week 8 Veto competition. It was a round-by-round competition, with each person getting eliminated choosing a prize that could be a positive or negative for their game this season. One of the prizes would include the Power of Veto.

Paul Abrahamian was out first, and he drew the Veto. Nicole Franzel went out in the next round, getting a “Secret Service” hat, denoting she would be wearing a costume and becoming an agent for the next week in the BB18 house. She traded with Paul to take control of the Veto. Corey Brooks was out next, drawing a vacation to any American destination as his prize. Corey exchanged the vacation with Nicole to take control of the Veto.

Paulie Calafiore was the third one out, selecting a patriot leotard he would have to wear as his punishment for the week. Paulie elected to take the Veto from Corey, giving him the leotard in exchange for it. James Huling was eliminated next and got a $5,000 prize that he decided to hang on to. This meant that Victor won the Veto competition, with his punishment being to continually bake apple pies throughout the week. He traded that with Paulie to secure the Veto in his possession. Paulie then immediately stated he wasn’t doing the punishment.

The Veto competition was followed by another commercial break, but then the punishments were revealed. Corey Brooks has to wear a full patriotic leotard, garnished with a hat and eagle to carry around. Paul Abrahamian has to do security checks within the BB18 house every time that an alarm goes off. This includes giving the houseguests a pat down each time he secures the house. Paulie Calafiore has to put together and bake a pie every time that a Zingbot anthem is played in the house. Paulie broke down crying when he finally started doing his punishment.

At the Veto ceremony, Victor Arroyo announced he was keeping the nominations the same, carrying out his personal revenge against Paulie Calafiore for what he had done earlier in the season. This August 17 Big Brother 18 recap comes to an end with Paulie and Corey Brooks as the two nominees on the block for the “live” eviction ceremony on August 18. Viewers wanting to read a few more Big Brother 18 spoilers can reference a previous report by the Inquisitr that covers how the eviction vote will play out.

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