‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Live Feed Updates Have ‘BB18’ House Set For Eviction

The Big Brother 18 spoilers have been very interesting over the last few days. Though the BB18 house has had a very lazy Wednesday (August 17) so far, there is a lot of footage in place for CBS viewers to see soon. A report from Joker’s Updates showed that most of the houseguests remained in bed until about noon (again), the results of many recent late nights in the game. One complaint from fans on social media about the BB18 cast is how much time they spend in bed. That tends to happen when things are set in stone for the week.

As for the CBS live feed updates, everything is already in place for the Thursday night (August 18) eviction episode. This is despite one of the nominees continuing to work at getting saved by convincing several houseguests to flip their votes. It appears that Head of Household Victor Arroyo is going to succeed in his goal for the week, which was to enact a bit of revenge against the person who was key in getting him evicted earlier in the season. Victor may also be the most successful houseguest to ever re-enter the game if he continues to advance this summer.

Retracing the Big Brother 18 spoilers from over the weekend, the two nominees (Paulie Calafiore and Corey Brooks) had a chance to save themselves during the Veto competition. A report on the Veto from Joker’s Updates stated that joining Victor Arroyo, Paulie, and Corey was Paul Abrahamian, James Huling, and Nicole Franzel. It was definitely a competition that shaped up how most of the week would progress, as Victor won another competition. Later, on the live feeds, Paulie was seen mocking him about “getting lucky” in the challenge, which was a bad move.

Though Paulie tried to convince Victor to use the Veto on Corey so that Paulie could then campaign openly against a new nominee, Victor ultimately decided that he wanted to keep nominations the same. Victor did not use the power at the Veto ceremony, setting it up so that the BB18 house would have to vote out either Paulie Calafiore or Corey Brooks at the August 18 eviction ceremony. Victor also already knew that the votes were in place to enact a plan he had been working on with Paul for quite some time.

As for how the voting is going to go during the “live” eviction ceremony, there are plenty of Big Brother 18 spoilers in that regard as well. At last count, the vote is going to be unanimous in favor of evicting Paulie Calafiore. James Huling, Natalie Negrotti, Michelle Meyer, Paul Abrahamian, and Nicole Franzel are all in line to save Corey Brooks from eviction this week. While Nicole is in an alliance with Paulie, she is also in a showmance with Corey, making the decision relatively easy for her in the end. Her problems will come next week, when Nicole and Corey are on their own.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there is now a special mystery episode of the show on Friday, August 19. It’s possible that the episode could include a BB18 jury competition or special powers being assigned for the season. Unless Paulie has the Return Ticket or wins a jury competition, he is about to be done this summer. Fans will get to see him again during jury deliberations on the season finale, but all Big Brother 18 spoilers point to Paulie Calafiore walking out the door to have his one-on-one meeting with Julie Chen on Thursday night.

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