Watch CNN Live Streaming Events Online [Video]

Update! It’s October 9, 2016, and it’s time for the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. There are multiple live streams where you can watch. The top video is from CNN, but you may watch other live streams below.

NBC News Live Stream

CBS News Live Stream

Fox News Live Stream

Washington Post Live Stream

The New York Times Live Stream

CNN Live Stream #2

You can watch CNN live streaming in the video above, as well as online. CNN stands for Cable News Network, and the network has been a popular source of mainstream media news since June 1, 1980. It is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System, a Time Warner division.

CNN is known for hosting many live, streaming political events, including presidential debates, town halls, speeches, and rallies. Those following political news who would like to watch live video coverage either on their computers, tablets, or smartphones will want to check out CNN’s live stream.

Cable subscribers have several ways to watch CNN. Cable networks now have apps and websites where you have the option to log in using your account information and stream your favorite channels. These are set up according to the channels you normally access on your television set. Time Warner, Brighthouse, DirecTV, and Comcast are all examples of cable television networks that provide apps and website access to live streaming television channels. CNN also has a standalone site and app that you can use: CNN Go. You will need your cable provider information in order to log in and watch CNN Go.

There is a schedule on the CNN Go site that will alert users to upcoming special coverage of breaking news stories and political events. These are available to watch live online. You can also watch regularly scheduled programming on CNN Go.

CNN has had many anchors over the years. Some of their staff have moved on to positions with other networks. Popular CNN anchors include Anderson Cooper, David Axelrod, Chris Cuomo, Ashleigh Banfield, David Gergen, Soledad O’Brien, and Wolf Blitzer. Several CNN anchors have moved from the network to Fox News. Fox News is often viewed as an alternative or countering network to CNN.

Former CNN hosts who are now on Fox News include Tucker Carlson, Pat Buchanan, James Carville, Greta Van Susteren, Stuart Varney, and Lou Dobbs.

Many CNN anchors and staffers are on social media and you can follow them if you choose. Following your favorite anchor is a great way to stay up-to-date with breaking news topics. You can also find out what stories are currently being worked on.

While there might be great controversy on both sides of the political spectrum regarding which mainstream media outlet is fair and balanced, there’s no question that CNN provides plenty of live coverage for important events.

You can access CNN’s television schedule online as well as through the CNN Go app. The schedule for daily shows is available at the official CNN site as well. You can also access a page that features all of CNN’s shows listed in alphabetical order.

CNN also has produced several digital shorts. You can watch their films at the official site. Those who want to watch live, streaming events pertaining to the 2016 elections will find information on the official CNN election page. The right side of the page features upcoming special events such as town halls, speeches, and debates. There is also a CNN election events page that lists important events by date. Those who want to ensure they watch live, streaming events as they air might want to keep an eye on these pages.

CNN has been the source of controversy for many years regarding their pro-democratic coverage and reports. In July 2016, leaked DNC emails published on the whistleblower site Wikileaks showed there were reporters who were supportive of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, reported the Hill.

The DNC leak isn’t the first time CNN has been accused of showing bias against Republicans. A 2007 study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism and the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics, and Public Policy determined that Democrats received 35 percent more favorable coverage than Republicans on mainstream news media sites.

Still, CNN remains a popular source for mainstream media news. Their attention to live events has made them a leader in bringing political news to the masses.

Do you watch breaking news events live streaming online or do you watch on television?

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