Cat Serial Killer Sean Lynde Arrested in Manhattan

Sean Lynde, a graphic artist and suspected cat serial killer has been arrested in Manhattan, NY.

Police say that Lynde systematically killed at least four of his girlfriends cats and tortured at least two others over a period of about four months starting in October, 2008.

The feline death toll from Lynde’s cat serial killing spree is as follows:

1. Sean Lynde moved into his girlfriend, Rachael Strate’s Manhattan apartment on October 1 2008. Three days later her cat was found dead in the laundry room with a mouth full of laundry detergent. A necropsy (animal autopsy) showed the cat had severe trauma to it’s head from being beaten.

2. Later that same month, another of Lynde’s girlfriends cats was found to have severe head trauma and had to be put down.


3. The following month, Strate adopted two kittens from an animal shelter but one was returned because he appeared lethargic and had trouble walking. The second kitten died late in November and Lynde told the Vet the cat had fallen off a table.

4. Strate then adopted two more kittens in mid December. One of the cats was brought in and treated for a broken paw the same day. Around Christmas, the second kitten suffered head trauma that resulted in blindness. The cat passed away a month later in January 2009 from a broken neck.

Lynde’s girlfriend, Rachael Strate, never did suspect that he was the one killing the cats. It was a an anonymous tip that led to Lynde’s arrest.