Kellyanne Conway Promoted To Raise Trump’s Acceptance Rating Among Women

Kellyanne Conway has been promoted and has one hell of a task ahead of her after taking a co-leadership role for the Trump Campaign today. The anti-feminist candidate has seemingly done everything he could to appall women since the beginning of his campaign. Consistently, 65 percent of the women polled do not approve of the billionaire mogul. Trump is so misogynistic on such a regular basis that it is hard to believe that any woman would want to support his winning the presidency.

Donald Trump has been quoted saying several things that would not be acceptable for a drunk to say, much less a man running to sit in the most powerful chair our government has to offer. He referred to Rosie O’Donnell as “disgusting” and said that she had a “fat pig face.” He openly vocalized that in his opinion, Heidi Klum is “no longer a 10.” He had the audacity to say that Megyn Kelly wasn’t to be taken seriously because she “had blood coming out of wherever” and even questioned the mental health of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg. These are statements Trump’s new campaign leader, recently promoted Kellyanne Conway, will have a hard time erasing from the mind of the public.

Donald Trump
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Kellyanne Conway certain had a speedy climb up the campaign ladder once she entered Trump’s ever-growing list of employees. Just a month and a half ago, she was promoted as an adviser to Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and late last night, she was appointed to one of two lead positions of the campaign. It is evident that the campaign began a downward spiral recently and promoting Kellyanne could help slow it down.

Conway’s relationship with the reality television star is not new. Kellyanne met Trump several years ago while she was living in and serving on the council of one of his condominium complexes. She was surprised that Trump was so visible and available, and the two sparked several small conversations. On her own, Kellyanne has been well-known and highly regarded for her ability to shift the view of the female demographic for male candidates that just don’t get it.

When questioned as to how she actually handles approaching the overly confident candidate, Kellyanne had some wise advice for viewers. “You can’t just tell Trump what to do. Commands could insult him,” she said.

This only proves further that the real estate mogul has quite a narcissistic personality and must be handled with kid gloves. He has repeatedly been reported to have a very harsh temper and a stern resistance to guidance. Kellyanne Conway promoted herself years ago as the mother of four children. Maybe her life experiences will prove enough training to handle the out-of-control presidential candidate.

Kellyanne Conway Promoted
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If anyone can conquer the mighty mountain of Donald Trump gaining favor with the United States’ female demographic, then Kellyanne Conway is the woman for the job. After all, she can adjust her public image to fit almost any mold. Only months ago, she was working to improve the campaign of Marco Rubio. She was even involved in the creation of several anti-Trump ads. Shifty is as shifty does, one would conclude. One newspaper wrote that in the past, Kellyanne Conway has “caught flack for telling women to embrace femininity, not feminism” in a speech she gave at the Conservative Women’s Network in 2011.

Only time will tell how Trump’s campaign adjustment will affect his overall image with America’s women. The outlook is bleak, but the journey is sure to be entertaining.

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