Donald Trump Fights Crooked Media And After Wikileaks DNC Emails, Many Agree

If there’s anything Donald Trump hates, it’s crooked media. It seems Trump can’t do or say anything without feeling the media is focusing on the wrong statements or portraying him in the worst light. It might have been left for conspiracy theorists to debate if it hadn’t been for the Wikileaks Democratic National Committee (DNC) email leak.

Since the beginning of the election, CNN has run non-stop Donald Trump coverage. Many felt that CNN actually propelled him to the height of his campaign. Every time Trump stuck his foot in his mouth or made disparaging comments, CNN covered it non-stop. They sat down for interviews with Melania Trump and focused on Donald Trump’s every word nearly 24/7 while neglecting Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders. Chances are if you put on CNN this very minute, you will see coverage on either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Apparently, evil Donald and brilliant Hillary are the only things happening in the universe right now.

The question might be asked if whether Bernie Sanders fought crooked media? It makes sense now that CNN (also currently dubbed the Clinton News Network) focuses heavy coverage on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but did it make sense back when the race for the nominations began? How would Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush or Bernie Sanders respond to that same question? Does Bernie Sanders believe he fell victim to crooked media that was slanted in Hillary Clinton’s favor? Would Jeb Bush say that the continual coverage of Donald Trump at the avoidance of other Republican candidates hurt his chances in the race?

Something rather disturbing is that every time Trump was portrayed as a racist, sexist or his comments regarding Fox News’ Megyn Kelly were on auto repeat, his ratings surged. It’s almost as if the entertainment factor he was given as a celebrity figure propelled him in the polls. No one could understand why Trump’s message was resonating with so many. Was it a question of media coverage or was the media coverage on mainstream media edited? Are people really seeing Donald Trump’s full message or is it weighed down by his inexperience, runaway comments, and media spin? Many of Trump’ supporters believe there is a conspiracy against him and the mainstream media is acting as Hillary’s mouthpiece.

After the Wikileaks DNC email leak, the public saw proof. Yes, the media is crooked. The media doubled as Hillary Clinton’s personal press service. When the Clinton camp wanted a message out, the DNC emailed journalists to tell them what issues they needed to push. No one has even attempted to claim Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was falsely accused. In fact, after Wasserman-Schultz resigned in light of the scandal, she went to work for Hillary Clinton. She must feel very comfortable working for Clinton because she had been working for her all along.

Here are links to several documents from the Wikileaks DNC leak that showed the spin mainstream media put on stories.

The Democratic National Committee requested MSNBC pull a commentary segment.
The Democratic National Committee used time-released stories to manipulate the news.
The Democratic National Committee conspired with Reuters to create and release false information against Donald Trump.
The Democratic National Committee sent Clinton supporters to infiltrate Bernie Sanders campaign.
The Democratic National Committee members complained to producers of “Morning Joe” for mentioning a “rigged system.”
The Democratic National Committee specifically discussed their relationship with NBC, CNN, and MSNBC.

The public has read the Wikileaks DNC email leaks, and they aren’t fooled. At one point, sites like Alex Jones’ Infowars and sites were known for pushing conspiracy theories got little media attention. Now they are making mainstream media wake up to the truth.

One seriously disturbing case happened just several days ago. CNN reported on the Milwaukee Black Lives Matter protests and subsequent rioting, looting, and violence that took place. During a CNN report, the coverage left out part of an incendiary statement by the victim’s sister full statement, and as a result, the report changed the truth and facts of the situation.

Protesters took to the streets after a Black police officer shot and killed a Black man who allegedly pointed a gun at the police. His name was Sylville Smith. After the looting had begun and buildings were set on fire, Smith’s sister Sherelle was filmed speaking to the public. She had yelled for people to stop burning down their own communities, but to burn down the suburbs. Due to economic inequality and racial segregation in Milwaukee, the suburbs are where Caucasians live. Those familiar with the fight for equality understood that she was calling for an attack on White communities. Video footage also showed groups of people target white motorists and charge at people who were White. Of course, we can’t blame every single Black Lives Matter member for having reverse racism, but we can hold CNN accountable for editing the truth.

Here are just a few videos by independent journalists who reported on the censorship by CNN.

Where Alex Jones and InfoWars or Prison Planet were dubbed “conspiracy sites” without valid news, they are now the go-to source for people who want to watch unedited, full videos of breaking news and decide for themselves what is being said.

Journalists are who the public depends upon to shed light on the government. It is a First Amendment right because the founding fathers understood that free press was needed to hold governments accountable. When the press is bought off by politicians and promotes candidates, how can they remain unbiased and hold them accountable? Should newspapers even endorse a political candidate?

People are fed up with crooked media. All it takes is one look at social media and a five-minute read on news sites to see people no longer trust mainstream media to report fair and unbiased news.

People are now looking to hackers and leakers like Guccifer 2.0, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden, or citizen journalists and conspiracy sites to find out what is really going on in the United States.

They are no longer looking to the crooked mainstream media and their biased talking heads.

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