Meet Kwayzar The 83-Year-Old Rapper


Dr. Dre might recently have been declared the richest rapper of the year by Forbes, despite having not released an album in over a decade, but he has some fresh competition on his hands. Well, not too fresh, but he’s definitely unique.

Stanley Jerry Hoffman is just your average 83-year-old from Southern California who happens to make his own brand of “politically driven Cyber Rap.” After mentioning it to the girlfriend of a Redditor blogger that he was a rapper at his local bakery, her beau then checked out his music posted about it and all of sudden his first single, “I Can Still Do It,” is an internet phenomenon.

Hoffman, an entertainment stalwart over the last five decades in various mediums, has already labelled himself the “cyber pied piper,” and his Facebook page states “Kwayzer from the edge of time brings you a fresh new driving force that breaks the boundaries of 21st century music” … as long as he doesn’t break his hip first though. High five! Anyone?

Back in May, he talked to The Downey Patriot about his lately developed skills, revealing “Writing and producing rap videos keeps me busy, kepps me active, and keeps me well. I hope to be an inspiration to older people that they, too, can and should still lead productive, and thus meaningful, lives. The whole thing has become a labor of love.”

Wow, the old codger has got me all choked up a little bit there. You can check out his debut video below; it’ll make your day.