‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’: Moniece Slaughter And Nikki Mudarris Feud Over Fizz

If you have finished watching all the drama in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, there is more in Hollywood. Season 3 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood premiered this week and Episode 1 had a lot of drama to set off the season.

Fizz and Moniece Slaughter are living together. However, they are not back in a relationship. They are co-parenting and seem to be getting along while Fizz stays over due to a gas leak in his apartment.

Nikki and Fizz meet up for lunch, and it is clear that they are not together. They say that they miss each other, but Nikki declares that she is single and exploring her options. Ms. Mudarris says that she and Fizz have been seeing other people and she had no idea he wanted to get serious.

Teairra Mari tries to broker peace between Nikki and Moniece. Last season, Nikki told Rich Dollaz that Moniece still had feeling for Fizz. She tells Nikki that she thought that he was just looking for a way to get out of the relationship.

When Nikki says that she wants to make peace because she is thinking of getting serious with Fizz, Moniece reveals that Fizz is living with her before he has the chance to tell Nikki himself. Miss Nikki Baby ponders whether Fizz and Moniece are sleeping together.

Ms. Slaughter says that she is not interested in a romantic relationship with Fizz. However, she wants to have another child with him due to his parental skills. Teairra is shocked by the revelation and tells Moniece to meet someone else. However, Fizz’s baby’s mother elaborates, stating that she wants her kids to look alike and have the same surname.

Moniece revealed that she had feelings for Fizz last season. Fans of the show wonder whether she is still in love with him.

In Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Ray J and Princess clash over a prenuptial agreement. Ray’s mother Sonia insists that he gets a prenup, and Ray J reluctantly tells Princess the news. Princess feels like it’s coming from Ray’s mother, not him, and a prenup implies that they are planning to fail. She tells Ray J that she will not sign it.

Nikki Mudarris confronts Lil Fizz about living with Moniece. Ms. Mudarris asks Fizz why he can’t live somewhere else while his gas leak is being fixed, and Fizz implies that he is moving in with her to be closer to their child.

Nikki is suspicious that they have or will sleep with each other due to Moniece revealing that she wants another child by him. Nikki buys Fizz an infant onesie as a breakup gift, and they both walk away.

Willie and Shanda seem to have gotten past their financial issues last season. Willie is the one on the stripper pole this time, practicing for his role on Chocolate City 2. Shanda wants to focus on her music and work with Just Blaze. However, Willie reveals that Just Blaze tried to court Shana the last time they were working together, and it makes Willie uncomfortable that they are working together. He eventually decides to trust his wife and leave her to work with the producer.

However, a woman claims that Willie has been talking with her and sleeping with her when she goes to Chicago. She showed Shanda text messages and pictures as proof of infidelity. Shanda confronts Willie, who seems to deny cheating in the preview for the next episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

Soulja Boy and Nia Riley filmed separate scenes, and it is not clear the exact status of their relationship. Milan Christopher and Miles Brock will not be returning this season.

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