Hillary Clinton Health: Conspiracy Theories, Cover-Ups, And The Race For The White House

Hillary Clinton’s health continues to be a subject for speculation, conspiracy theories, and alleged cover-ups. When the Democratic nominee first came to public attention, long before she became the First Lady of the United States, she was upbeat, energetic, and very determined in her approach. Years later, the public has witnessed behavior described as bizarre and many have their own beliefs regarding the presidential candidate’s health. Many people feel that Hillary Clinton needs to put the conspiracy theories and cover-up claims to rest once and for all by releasing her medical records.

Here is a video compilation of Hillary Clinton in her younger years as compiled by NBC News.

Hillary Clinton’s health has been a matter of public discussion and has prompted two hashtags: #illaryClinton and #HillarysHealth. Social media abounds with talk about Clinton and many have theorized what could be medically wrong with her. What might be more concerning than allegations she is ill is the belief that she has gone to extreme measures to hide her diagnosis from the public.

At one point during a campaign rally, Hillary stopped speaking and looked bewildered. This has caused many people to theorize she continues to suffer ill effects from a 2012 brain injury. She also mistakenly called Donald Trump her husband instead of her opponent.

On August 16, #Hillarysstools began trending. The notion is that Hillary Clinton’s health seems to be so troubling that she can barely stand for an hour or two. If you notice in many of her speeches, she has a stool nearby to rest. Lou Dobbs put a poll on Twitter asking if people thought Hillary Clinton was healthy enough to be president.

It isn’t only words that Hillary Clinton stumbles upon. She has a history of sending the internet into a frenzy with photos and videos of her stumbling, tripping, or needing assistance when climbing stairs. Hillary Clinton just had another stumble while campaigning with Joe Biden on Monday in Pennsylvania. Is Hillary Clinton’s behavior a result of normal aging, or is something seriously wrong? If Hillary Clinton has a major health issue, would she plan a cover-up in order to claim the presidency?

Even in 2014 people were questioning if Hillary Clinton needed assistance standing or walking.

If stumbling over words and stumbling over stairs weren’t enough to cause speculation, people are also remarking on the consistent coughing fits Hillary has. Armchair doctors have diagnosed Hillary with everything from Parkinson’s disease and brain damage to neurological disease.

More people are questioning the media blackout regarding Hillary Clinton’s health concerns. It seems anyone who asks legitimate questions regarding her coughing, stumbling, or even apparent seizures are labeled as conspiracy theorists.

Several videos of Hillary Clinton suffering what appears to be seizures have led many to draw the conclusion she has suffered permanent brain damage. Some have concluded that bright lights are triggering seizures in the former secretary of State. Here are some videos that have sparked controversy.

What do you think? Do you agree that Hillary Clinton’s behavior, coughing, and apparent health issues are concerning? Do you think there is a media blackout and cover-up? Is it all a conspiracy theory by Trump supporters to ensure Hillary isn’t elected? Many calls have been made for Hillary Clinton to release her medical records. When John McCain ran for office, there was a great deal made regarding his health. It was demanded he make his records public and McCain had to resort to introducing his elderly mother who was alive and in good health as proof longevity ran in his family.

As you can see, John McCain is still with us and would have been healthy enough for the presidency. On a side note, Roberta McCain is 104 years old. John McCain was correct. Longevity does run in his family. Additionally, McCain didn’t exhibit any of the symptoms or behavior Clinton has. Do you think Hillary Clinton is in good health and fit for the presidency?

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